Green Works Dishwashing Liquid Review

  Ask just about any woman what her least favorite household chore is and most likely she'll tell you it's WASHING DISHES. Ugh. (Well, at least those without a dishwasher)

  I don't think there's a single person who really enjoys dishwashing with a passion.  There's something about the wearing of rubber gloves, the drying-out of hands, scrubbing of plates, and soaking pots and pans that lacks a certain appeal.  However, modern technology has made our lives a little bit easier with new, wonderful dishwashing fluids! Huzzah!

  I recently had the opportunity to review Green Works dishwashing liquid. I was a little concerned at first because the bottle has a Clorox label, and I don't use bleach in my dish cleaners.  My concerns were eased when I read the back of the label and read that though Clorox is the parent-company, it contains no bleach.  Phew!  Anyway: These liquids come in 22 fluid ounce bottles in four scents: Tangerine, Water Lily, Free and Clear, and Original. I purchased the Water Lily from a local Wal-Mart store to test the cleaning posers of this 97% naturally-derived cleaning product. (Sad to say, but this was the only scent our Wal-Mart carried. Would have loved to try the Tangerine!)

  A side note about the way I do my dishes. Many people fill their sink basin with hot, soapy water and do their dishes all in one shot. I don't. In fact, I think it's kinda gross to do so, but this is coming from someone who finds baths pretty darn gross too. Instead I rinse and organize my dishes by type and wash them one at a time, then do a sort of mass-rinse for them all. This may be why I encountered my first problem: I had to use too much! It didn't get too sudsy, in fact it didn't get sudsy enough. The liquid is not concentrated, so I had to use about twice the amount to get my dishes as squeaky-clean as I am used to.  It did cut through the grease on my dirty pans, though like I said before, it took more than the amount I am used to.
  Also, I do not wear rubber gloves during dishwashing. This liquid definitely get a thumbs-up when it comes to leaving your hands smooth and moisturized, yet not overly-scented like others I have tried in the past.  Overall this detergent worked wonders, and I'd absolutely love to use it again. 

  If you're looking for easy ways to go greener, this dish soap is for you! I can't wait to get my hands on a bottle of the Tangerine scent. (all scents are fragranced by essential oils, yay!) Do be aware that it does contain sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate). If you're a sulfate-free mama, you'll have to bypass this one.

Ready to get some of your own?

  You can find it here on Amazon
                                      or at your local retailer.

Click HERE to explore Green Work's website and explore all their other cleaner, greener products!


My True Nature Giveaway Ends 11/4

Hi everyone!

  I came upon a great giveaway while searching the 'net. Over at Momma T and Baby E they are having a giveaway for an adorable combo set of baby bath products using all natural and organic ingredients! My True Nature makes some wonderful goodies, and even their bottles are eco-friendly! (Made from 100% FDA-approved post-consumer PET plastic)

Please go visit Momma T and Baby E and enter her giveaway HERE.  I know I am!

Win Me!

Headline Shirts: Review and Giveaway!

Can I get a "Heck Yeah!" for eco-friendly clothing!  I had the pleasure of reviewing a shirt from a wonderful company, Headline Shirts. Here's a little bit about them from their site:

"We're Headline Shirts, and we've been making funny/cool/provocative tees from themes in the news and pop culture since 2004. You may have seen our stuff at major retailers like Urban Outfitters, as well as any number of boutiques or episodes of COPS. (That case involving the inflatable shark is still pending.)

Our shirts are made with 100% combed, American ringspun cotton. We print with soft, eco-friendly waterbased and pigment discharge inks, with no PVCs or catalysts. Each shirt is tagless and printed with our "Baboons Typing" tagless neck design. And obviously, we're completely sweatshop free."

  I received the Beethoven Old School Beats women's-cut shirt to try out. Not only is this tee-shirt SUPER soft and light, but it also made me exceedingly happy to discover that it is LONGER than most tee-shirts I find at stores!  It is very lightweight, yet enough coverage to be worn either alone or layered.  In fact, it's so comfy that I wore it to bed!  

  Headline Shirts sells both men's and women's cuts of tee-shirt, with the women's being more form-fitting. Men's are made of 100% American-made cotton, while the women's is a 50/50 poly/cotton blend.  My favorite part, as imagined, is the eco-friendly water-based ink used for the screenprinting! Very vibrant colors (Love the purple!) stand out, even against the black background of the shirt.  Overall, it was an excellent shirt experience! (Sorry for the crummy one was home to help!) Oh yeah! Almost forgot to mention...even the bag it comes in is compostable! Talk about eco-awesome.  :)


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Must complete first mandatory entry. All entries will be verified. Open to US entrants only. Prize includes 1 shirt with free shipping. (If you'd like to order more shirts at the same time, this will cover free shipping on your entire order!) Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Disclosure: I received this product from Headline Shirts free of charge to review. I did not receive any other compensation. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I personally use and love.

Bee-Eazy Bag Review

One of the first steps to take (and easiest, in my opinion) to transition to a greener-style of living is saying NO to "free" plastic bags from stores. According to leading statistics, an estimated 500 billion to ONE TRILLION plastic bags are consumed every year. The list of these scary stats goes on and on. You might be asking yourself: What can I do to help stop this waste? BEE-EAZY BAGS TO THE RESCUE!

I first encountered these bags about two years ago at a home improvement show in Bangor, ME. They're made out of durable Nylon, are machine-washable, and can hold upwards of 20 lbs. (about 3 gallons of milk!) I've been using mine ever since, and I absolutely LOVE it! The nylon weave used to construct them is similar to camping-tent nylon, super-strong yet very lightweight. My favorite aspect, though, is the storage of it. Each one comes with a carabiner to clip anywhere. When you're done using your Bee-Eazy bag, all you have to do it crumple it in on itself and stuff it into the built-in corner drawstring pouch! Voila!

If you're sick of filling-up landfills with tons of plastic bags, and also tired of lugging around bulky 99 cent grocery store reusables, the Bee-Eazy Bag is for you! I know I'm sold. =)

You can purchase these awesome bags for $4.99 from their website: Bee-Eazy Bags

Check them out on Facebook: Bee-Eazy Bags on Facebook!


BPA-Free Collapsible Water Bottle Review and Giveaway Ends 10/18

BPA-Free Collapsible Water Bottle Review and Giveaway

Alrighty, the moment you've all been waiting for: Time for my first official review and giveaway!

I "purchased" these water bottles from (using my free credit for signing up, whee!) quite some time ago, so buyer beware they do take a good amount of time to ship. Other than the waiting, I've had nothing but good experiences with this product so far! Here's a mini-description from the packaging:

"Reusable collapsible water bottle, eco-friendly idea to replace the old plastic tap water bottles. Easily fitting into pockets, purses, and packs, Specially for travelling and hiking."

Poorly translated? A bit. Funny? You betcha. I used mine for neither travelling nor hiking, but I can see how they'd be good for both activities. Here's a picture in-packaging:

I filled mine straight from the tap, which was super-easy. (And delicious, since we have great well water) I was surprised at how much it held! After expanding from it's flat state, it fills-up with about 2 cups of water.

When emptied, it rolls or folds up neatly and will fit into a pocket, purse, or any small space. Personally, I LOVE the fact that you can make it so small. I'm sure I'm not the only momma who hates carrying around a heavy waterbottle (or steel canteen, in my case) in their diaper bag/purse!

The water bottle comes with a matching carabiner attatched to the side of the bottle, which I did give a test run. Even with the bottle fully filled, when clipped onto a belt loop it didn't really weigh me down nor did it put extra stress on the hole for the carabiner. All-in-all, great product for busy moms, sports enthusiasts, and just about everyone!


You can purchase these bottles in 4 different colors for $10 each here:


Enter the Rafflecopter widjet below to win your own brand new BPA-Free Reusable Water Bottle in RED (My favorite color!)

Mail Time!

  My little man Jace and I tend to stay in the house for much of the day, a tendency that will undoubtedly continue as we head into the winter months in Maine. We do, however, have one outing to look forward to each and every day: MAIL TIME! Yes, our mailbox is maybe 100 feet from our doorstep. Yes, we do usually come right back inside after gathering the mail. It may be only a few minutes out of our day, but it's our very own tradition! Today I was thrilled to see that we had a few packages in our mailbox. This was our score for the day:

  Holy moly, what a day! I'm a bit of a giveaway-fiend, and quite a few of my goodies were won through blog giveaways and small-business contests. Included in today's loot are: set of 4 upcyclyed drinking glasses won from Penny for Penny, Powerband won from My Coupon Lady, Mark samples, Scentsy tin, and an AMAZING lip balm from Blooming Bums, two vases from The Vase Store, a Scentsy scent circle from Sheila Peters, and a cosmetic bag filled with beauty samples from Target. WOW! Anyone else have a mail day worth waiting that extra mail-less Monday for?

Sock Monkey Sweeps & The Re-Giftables Giveaway Ends 10/16

  Let me start out by saying that I absolutely ADORE upcycled items. Upcycling is the practice of taking something useless or trash-bound and turning it into something useFUL or creative! Win for the environment! Win for the consumer! Win for the artist!

  Sock Monkey Sweeps, a fellow blogger, has happened upon The Re-Giftables. She creates beautiful pieces of art/jewelry out of used store giftcards! She has so graciously agreed to give this necklace set to one lucky Sock Monkey Sweep fan!

Just follow this link HERE and enter her giveaway via Rafflecopter. Good luck!

Seventeen Sirens & Tender Tushies Giveaway Ends 10/21

To start things off on a good note here, I'll post about a great giveaway I've found from a fellow blogger! Seventeen Sirens is hosting a giveaway for a Tender Tushies cloth diaper, ending 10/21. Feel free to enter her current giveaways, and check out her review of some awesome cloth diapers! (Minky Giraffe print? YES PLEASE!)
The giveaway can be found HERE!


Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! 
Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read about my little "slice-of-life" on this blog. I do hope you'll find it enjoyable! Please keep in mind that I am a

Newbie Blogger!

Any and all constructive criticism is welcome. As a Stay At Home Mom, I come across a lot of new products on a daily basis. (internet, grocery stores, etc.) My main goal is to provide unbiased opinions on unique items I happen upon, giving YOU a chance to decide for yourselves whether or not the product is right for your family.

You can also expect, at any given time:
1. Pictures of my adorable little man, Jace, as he grows up before my eyes.
2. Random rants.
3. Everyday happenings in the life of this Maine mommy.
4. Giveaways! If I absolutely LOVE a product, I want you to be able to love it also!

Keep an eye out for new posts, as I will try to update every day. Thanks for stopping by!