Bee-Eazy Bag Review

One of the first steps to take (and easiest, in my opinion) to transition to a greener-style of living is saying NO to "free" plastic bags from stores. According to leading statistics, an estimated 500 billion to ONE TRILLION plastic bags are consumed every year. The list of these scary stats goes on and on. You might be asking yourself: What can I do to help stop this waste? BEE-EAZY BAGS TO THE RESCUE!

I first encountered these bags about two years ago at a home improvement show in Bangor, ME. They're made out of durable Nylon, are machine-washable, and can hold upwards of 20 lbs. (about 3 gallons of milk!) I've been using mine ever since, and I absolutely LOVE it! The nylon weave used to construct them is similar to camping-tent nylon, super-strong yet very lightweight. My favorite aspect, though, is the storage of it. Each one comes with a carabiner to clip anywhere. When you're done using your Bee-Eazy bag, all you have to do it crumple it in on itself and stuff it into the built-in corner drawstring pouch! Voila!

If you're sick of filling-up landfills with tons of plastic bags, and also tired of lugging around bulky 99 cent grocery store reusables, the Bee-Eazy Bag is for you! I know I'm sold. =)

You can purchase these awesome bags for $4.99 from their website: Bee-Eazy Bags

Check them out on Facebook: Bee-Eazy Bags on Facebook!