BPA-Free Collapsible Water Bottle Review and Giveaway Ends 10/18

BPA-Free Collapsible Water Bottle Review and Giveaway

Alrighty, the moment you've all been waiting for: Time for my first official review and giveaway!

I "purchased" these water bottles from Savemore.com (using my free credit for signing up, whee!) quite some time ago, so buyer beware they do take a good amount of time to ship. Other than the waiting, I've had nothing but good experiences with this product so far! Here's a mini-description from the packaging:

"Reusable collapsible water bottle, eco-friendly idea to replace the old plastic tap water bottles. Easily fitting into pockets, purses, and packs, Specially for travelling and hiking."

Poorly translated? A bit. Funny? You betcha. I used mine for neither travelling nor hiking, but I can see how they'd be good for both activities. Here's a picture in-packaging:

I filled mine straight from the tap, which was super-easy. (And delicious, since we have great well water) I was surprised at how much it held! After expanding from it's flat state, it fills-up with about 2 cups of water.

When emptied, it rolls or folds up neatly and will fit into a pocket, purse, or any small space. Personally, I LOVE the fact that you can make it so small. I'm sure I'm not the only momma who hates carrying around a heavy waterbottle (or steel canteen, in my case) in their diaper bag/purse!

The water bottle comes with a matching carabiner attatched to the side of the bottle, which I did give a test run. Even with the bottle fully filled, when clipped onto a belt loop it didn't really weigh me down nor did it put extra stress on the hole for the carabiner. All-in-all, great product for busy moms, sports enthusiasts, and just about everyone!


You can purchase these bottles in 4 different colors for $10 each here:


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