Green Works Dishwashing Liquid Review

  Ask just about any woman what her least favorite household chore is and most likely she'll tell you it's WASHING DISHES. Ugh. (Well, at least those without a dishwasher)

  I don't think there's a single person who really enjoys dishwashing with a passion.  There's something about the wearing of rubber gloves, the drying-out of hands, scrubbing of plates, and soaking pots and pans that lacks a certain appeal.  However, modern technology has made our lives a little bit easier with new, wonderful dishwashing fluids! Huzzah!

  I recently had the opportunity to review Green Works dishwashing liquid. I was a little concerned at first because the bottle has a Clorox label, and I don't use bleach in my dish cleaners.  My concerns were eased when I read the back of the label and read that though Clorox is the parent-company, it contains no bleach.  Phew!  Anyway: These liquids come in 22 fluid ounce bottles in four scents: Tangerine, Water Lily, Free and Clear, and Original. I purchased the Water Lily from a local Wal-Mart store to test the cleaning posers of this 97% naturally-derived cleaning product. (Sad to say, but this was the only scent our Wal-Mart carried. Would have loved to try the Tangerine!)

  A side note about the way I do my dishes. Many people fill their sink basin with hot, soapy water and do their dishes all in one shot. I don't. In fact, I think it's kinda gross to do so, but this is coming from someone who finds baths pretty darn gross too. Instead I rinse and organize my dishes by type and wash them one at a time, then do a sort of mass-rinse for them all. This may be why I encountered my first problem: I had to use too much! It didn't get too sudsy, in fact it didn't get sudsy enough. The liquid is not concentrated, so I had to use about twice the amount to get my dishes as squeaky-clean as I am used to.  It did cut through the grease on my dirty pans, though like I said before, it took more than the amount I am used to.
  Also, I do not wear rubber gloves during dishwashing. This liquid definitely get a thumbs-up when it comes to leaving your hands smooth and moisturized, yet not overly-scented like others I have tried in the past.  Overall this detergent worked wonders, and I'd absolutely love to use it again. 

  If you're looking for easy ways to go greener, this dish soap is for you! I can't wait to get my hands on a bottle of the Tangerine scent. (all scents are fragranced by essential oils, yay!) Do be aware that it does contain sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate). If you're a sulfate-free mama, you'll have to bypass this one.

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