Mail Time!

  My little man Jace and I tend to stay in the house for much of the day, a tendency that will undoubtedly continue as we head into the winter months in Maine. We do, however, have one outing to look forward to each and every day: MAIL TIME! Yes, our mailbox is maybe 100 feet from our doorstep. Yes, we do usually come right back inside after gathering the mail. It may be only a few minutes out of our day, but it's our very own tradition! Today I was thrilled to see that we had a few packages in our mailbox. This was our score for the day:

  Holy moly, what a day! I'm a bit of a giveaway-fiend, and quite a few of my goodies were won through blog giveaways and small-business contests. Included in today's loot are: set of 4 upcyclyed drinking glasses won from Penny for Penny, Powerband won from My Coupon Lady, Mark samples, Scentsy tin, and an AMAZING lip balm from Blooming Bums, two vases from The Vase Store, a Scentsy scent circle from Sheila Peters, and a cosmetic bag filled with beauty samples from Target. WOW! Anyone else have a mail day worth waiting that extra mail-less Monday for?