Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone! 
Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read about my little "slice-of-life" on this blog. I do hope you'll find it enjoyable! Please keep in mind that I am a

Newbie Blogger!

Any and all constructive criticism is welcome. As a Stay At Home Mom, I come across a lot of new products on a daily basis. (internet, grocery stores, etc.) My main goal is to provide unbiased opinions on unique items I happen upon, giving YOU a chance to decide for yourselves whether or not the product is right for your family.

You can also expect, at any given time:
1. Pictures of my adorable little man, Jace, as he grows up before my eyes.
2. Random rants.
3. Everyday happenings in the life of this Maine mommy.
4. Giveaways! If I absolutely LOVE a product, I want you to be able to love it also!

Keep an eye out for new posts, as I will try to update every day. Thanks for stopping by!