Eden Fantasys Loves Bloggers!

Do you own a blog? Looking for a great company to get involved with?

Eden Fantasys Loves Bloggers!

Never heard of Eden Fantasys? They're an online adult novelty company - selling everything from adult toys to massage candles and makeup.

Eden Fantasys has a program to fit just abut every blogger's needs/schedule!

Here are the four blogger programs:

  • Product Reviews- Bloggers may review one product per month. There are many product categories to choose from, ranging from adult toys to "safe for work" goodies.
  • Sponsored Posts- This is a great option if you're not comfortable with reviewing products publicly. Bloggers write posts about or inspired by Eden Fantasys, including links, and are compensated with gift cards ranging from $25-50 per post. Bloggers in this program may make two sponsored posts per month. (They have great items, deals, and other things to talk about. The possibilities are endless!)
  • Affiliate Program- Bloggers in this program earn a standard 20% from all referral purchases made.
  • Banner and Text Ads- Not all bloggers qualify for this option, but it's a great way to monetize your blog! Participation in the program is determined by a number of factors including traffic ranks, followers, and comments on your blog.  New to blogging? Keep working on increasing your traffic and social reach and contact Eden Fantasys when you're ready!
For more information on Eden Fantasys blogger opportunities, visit their site HERE.

To purchase boudoir goodies, visit EdenFantasys.com. Right now they're offering a free gift with any purchase, so stock up on your favorites or shop from home for those last-minute gifts!


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