Fit for 2012 Friday ~ Week 5

Today's officially the last Fit for 2012 Friday, as the Challenge ends tomorrow evening.


I've decided that as part of my blogging resolution, I'll be continuing with the Fit for 2012 Friday posts all year!  I've found that it's really been helping to keep me goal-oriented, not only towards weight loss but healthy eating and living. I've felt better this month, more energetic and upbeat. Optimistic, even.

So my weekly weigh-ins will continue. Doing my best to only step on the scale a few times a week, as my water weight fluctuates a huge amount each day and tends to freak me out.

By the way, I've designated today's exercise to "extreme vacuuming." Cleaning up and taking down Christmas decorations while chasing after an infant is hard work!

Here's this week's totals:

Friday 12/30
Morning weight: 213.0 lbs
Weight lost from last week: 0.2 lbs
Total weight loss: 5.2 lbs

Not a huge difference from last week, but after all the holiday goodies I'm shocked that I haven't completely derailed and gained back everything. Plus there's always this week to work harder, and any progress is still progress.

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