Fit for 2012 Friday ~ Wk 4

Sooo....I "accidentally" skipped the Fit for 2012 post last week...oops.

Totally unintentional. Heh. In reality, I did lose track of time this past week. Plus, completely fell off the Challenge bandwagon.

Oops again...

But I'm back up-and-running and motivated! Been squeezing those fruits and veggies into my diet. Been throwing-in a 10-minute cardio or strength training workout a few times a day. And it's paying off!

I've also been cheating and weighing myself every few days instead of this once a week, every Friday thing. I find that it helps keep me in line and keeps me focused on my goal of weight loss. No, I don't freak out if the scale tips one way or another for a day. Just yesterday, sometime between my before breakfast weight and my before bedtime weight, I seemed to have gained 4-5 lbs of water weight. (Curse you, SALT.) At one point this week, my weight even dropped down to 210...woohoo!

So, with that said, here's Friday's "official" weigh-in:

Friday 12/9
Morning weight: 213.2 lbs
Weight lost from last week: 1.6 lbs
Total weight loss: 5 lbs

I've already hit my goal of losing 5 pounds by exciting! Here's to healthier living and many more fatty pounds being shed. Happy Holidays!