Baby Bullet-goodness

Have I mentioned how much I love my Baby Bullet?

Well, I do. One of my favorite parts about the whole system is the Turbo Steamer machine it comes with.

This isn't a review per-se, I simply felt the need to rant about the awesomeness that is the Baby Bullet.

The picture above is from my second experiment with making homemade baby foods. It came out pretty good! (Baby Jace approved) The Turbo Steamer is a plug-in appliance that comes with the Baby Bullet system and steams just about any fruit/veggie you can think of. You then can take the steamed foods and use them to make scrumptious baby food recipes and purees, yum!

For my first try a few weeks ago, I made a small batch of fresh green bean puree to freeze in the silicone freezer tray.

Today I was feeling a bit more adventurous. Broccoli puree was the main menu item, which came out perfect and deliciously green. Along with the broccoli I pureed-up some white meat turkey and some carrots for some mini-meals. Here's me prepping the broccoli:

The Turbo Steamer also sanitizes small items and even defrosts your frozen Baby Bullet servings! I have found, though, that when defrosting you have to be careful and test the food temperature carefully before serving. (It gets very hot!)

That's it. Just thought I'd share some experiences with you guys. I fully recommend the Baby Bullet to anyone thinking of making their own baby food at home. It's a super-fast and easy way to feed your child the freshest food possible.  /thumbsup