Fitness Friday ~ Just Do It January ~ Week 1

Since I've already posted my rant on whole grains today, I'll keep this Fitness Friday short and sweet.

I'm still keeping myself accountable by weighing-in once a week, every Friday. (See today's below)

Tara Burner is continuing her monthly fitness challenge, so we begin with Just Do It January!

This month we're challenged to:

1) Do pushups daily (do what you can and gradually work at adding more)
2) Do plank daily (for as long as you can, again adding more time as the month progresses)
3) Give yoga a try
4) Exercise at least 4 times a week (minimum of 20 minutes)
5) Focus on the positive in your life
6) Eat breakfast daily
7) Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily
8 ) Eat 6-8 servings of veggies & fruits
9) Limit your sugar & processed food intake
10) Eat dinner sitting at the table (with family if applicable)

If you'd like to join us in the challenge, feel free to check out Tara's page and sign up! There are some great prizes up for grabs.  :)

On to today's weekly scale-check. (I got tired if typing weigh-in.)

Friday 1/6
Morning weight: 212.2 lbs
Weight lost from last week: 0.8 lbs
Total weight loss: 6 lbs 

Not as much as I'd like, but it's still a loss! Even 5 lbs a month will add up to a 60lb weight-loss in just one year.

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