Fitness Friday ~ Just Do It January Week 2

I have mixed feelings about today.

For one, it's Friday the 13th. Not that I am superstitious, but things seem to be weird on these days. Ok, maybe I'm a little superstitious.

Another ominous sign: I woke up early this morning with what felt like a red hot poker through my right temple. Don't think I've ever really experienced any form of migraine before, but this one was a doozy.

On the plus side, fitness goals are moving along swimmingly!

Yesterday I decided to try out the yoga/pilates DVDs that I picked up at the local dollar store.  For someone who hasn't completed a full routine in years, it was tough! I made it through three out of five rotations, and I was beat. Woke up a few hours after calming my horrible headache this morning feeling a bit sore, but great! You know that "I can do anything! Bring it on, I'll kick some butt!" feeling? Yep, it was nice.

So nice, in fact, that I busted-out the blender to whip up a frozen fruit smoothie!

Frozen strawberries, frozen Maine blueberries, fat-free vanilla yogurt, and 100% pure apple juice. Yum!

Now, onto business:

Friday 1/13
Morning weight: 211.8 lbs
Weight lost from last week: 0.4 lbs
Total weight loss: 6.4 lbs

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