I judged a book.

Never judge a book by it's cover. That's the saying, right? That or something like it. The other day I had my first "mom-judging" moment. Or "dad-judging" moment, rather. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Yet at the same time, I hated myself for assessing someone without knowing a single thing about them.

This particular incident involved a father {presumably} and a very young baby.  While shopping at Wal-Mart, of all places, I walked in and waved to the door greeter (an old work friend.) Immediately afterward I walked past a couple with two children, I think it was. One was toddler-preschool age and walking alongside the father. The other was a small baby, couldn't be more then 2 months old max, being carried in backpack-style baby carrier. Minimal head control in effect, this poor little baby's head and arms dangled backwards like a parachuter jumping out of a plane.

By no means do I claim to be a baby-wearing expert, but I've always been told that backpack-style carriers were only to be used once head control was established so that this very event doesn't happen. Who knows, maybe this model was actually designed for very small babies/newborns and a headrest was supposed to be in place? This particular carrier did look to be a higher-quality Ergo-type carrier, but I still could not get past the helpless little dangling head.

Like I said, at the same time I feel terrible for even thinking of confronting these parents. If someone were to mention to me that I was carrying my baby awkwardly, or anything baby-related for that matter, I'd most likely take offense. Especially at a supermarket. It's not my place at all to be telling other parents how to care for their children. I debated with myself whether to even make this post, I felt so guilty. I still feel bad for that baby, though, and hope it was a one-time, sincere mistake.

At the very least, let this be a warning to other parents out there. Not that people are judging your every move with your child, you should already know that they do. But that accidents happen, mistakes are made, and life goes on. But please, please, please! Read all safety information for equipment you own in regards to your baby/child.  To borrow a Jurassic Park quote:

"Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions."