Sponsor Spotlight ~ The Poem Lady

How romantic would it be to receive your very own, personalized poem for Valentine's Day? No, I'm not talking about the "Roses are red, violets are blue" variety. A truly thoughtful, meaningful poem written about how you and your partner met, fell in love, got married, etc. Most of us (myself included) just aren't that creative...

Meet Jill, The Poem Lady. She is that creative, and will be offering one of our readers their very own poem in the From Our Hearts To Yours giveaway taking place Feb. 1st-Feb. 14th!
Here's an example of her handiwork:

I recall this Valentine’s Day how we first met
It was a day I for one will never forget
With my mom at a table, you walked right on passed
It was California Adventure and you winked at me fast
Being the shy one, for me it was hard
So my mom wrote my number on her business card
When we are together, time just flies by
I am always smiling and it’s no wonder why
I love the time we spend at the beach,
That the shooting range is always in reach,
I love the Blue Bayou and Mr. Stocks as you know,
The Summit House and all the places we go
Catalina Island via helicopter ride
I couldn’t make the boat no matter how I tried
But one of my fondest memories still
Was a romantic night that was truly a thrill
The rooftop at Disneyland for the fireworks show
I fall more in love each place that we go
After being together for one and a half years
I love you so much it can bring me to tears
Each time that we kiss I get butterflies
When you make me laugh I get tears in my eyes
You know all of me, even what goes on inside
Yet when you touch my hand it’s like a roller coaster ride
Each day that passes, more memories we make
And I treasure each moment I share with you Blake
I am so happy you are spending this time with your Panda
I love you completely, your sweetheart, Amanda

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