International Women's Day: A message to the ladies out there.

Did you know that March 8th is International Women's Day? I don't think I even knew this specific holiday existed! Thanks to our friends at EdenFantasys I've become aware, and it's posed a question for me.

Depending on the region and culture, this holiday ranges from men showing love and appreciation  towards women to honoring women's economic, political, and social achievements. Talk about a beefy holiday!

So, in honor of the upcoming holiday, I ask this question: What does it mean to you to be a woman?

Aside from the obvious physical aspects (which aren't always black-and-white either), what roles do you associate with the word "woman?" As much as we think ourselves non-judgemental, we all conjure up images for the words we hear everyday. You see the word "tree" and immediately picture a physical tree to help your brain associate the word with meaning.

...but your tree may very well be completely different from anyone else's tree. In fact, it probably is. Perhaps you're imagining bare, snow-covered branches or a fruitful, lush oak tree. Maybe even a tall, majestic Redwood standing strong through the ages.

Much like "tree," the word "woman" differs in each of our minds. Some see women as beautiful creatures of grace and perfection. Gorgeous models in lingerie with perfect makeup, all the while managing career, family, and self. Some will imagine a mother selflessly sacrificing her needs for those of her family and children. I'd like to think that I see both of these images (and then some) at the back of my eyes.

Regardless of what it means to anyone else, enjoy your special day, ladies! Take a day off, if you can. If not, find something that you enjoy doing and just do it, even for just a few minutes. Stop and think about your womanhood-ness (not a word, I know), maybe even pamper yourself a bit. If you're a busy mom like I imagined above, buy yourself a new piece of lingerie and enjoy another aspect of being a woman: curves!

At the very least be grateful (even though we love them!) that you're not a dude.  ;)


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