Natural House Cleaners (Review + Giveaway}

Part of my "health mission" this year includes getting rid of harsh chemicals in and around the house, especially necessary now that we have a very curious little man roaming around touching everything. When the opportunity presented itself to review Natural House natural household cleaning products, I was thrilled! Naturally, a few questions arose in my head. How exactly do these work? What type of ingredients are used? How can these be better than industrial-strength cleaners? All will be revealed!

Natural House probiotic cleaning products bring you a revolutionary, new method of cleaning the most dirty areas of your home. Utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentle for all of the members of your Natural House.

Here's a little more info about why our all-natural cleaning products are superior to those currently on the market!
  • Our products use an eco-friendly cleaning method of probiotics that create a beneficial, odor eating ecosystem to naturally drive out and digest odors at their source.
  • Natural House's plant-based ingredients are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable to naturally fight the toughest problems you face in your house. 
  • Our products, Sinky and Flushy even break down and digest fats, oil, grease, and solid waste to ensure your disposal, pipes, drain lines or septic tank run smoothly.
  • Our cleaners contain good probiotics which continue to scour, clean, consume odors, grime, grease, and germs, and they continue to do so until your next weekly treatment! 
  • We earned the coveted Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show!

So how exactly do probiotic household cleaners work?
  • The surfaces in your house are like a garden. If you don’t seed with good plants, weeds will grow. You have the same choice with your household surfaces: sanitize for a moment with harsh chemicals leaving your surface open to recontamination or seed with probiotics to continuously weed out the bad micro-organisms.
  • Traditional cleaners “clean” a surface for a moment in time; the second the rag is finished wiping the surface, that surface is almost instantly polluted once again with ambient dust, dirt, and micro-organisms.
  • Natural House probiotics creates mini-ecosystem on a microbial level that produces enzymes which break down odors, dirt, fats, oil, grease, food scraps, waste and toilet paper products on a continuous basis between applications. This creates a natural, clean, balanced environment that is safe for even the most sensitive members of your natural house.
  • The action is in the foam!  When using your Natural House products be sure and let it foam first to release the cleaning agents before going to the next step on the package directions.

Watch this adorable video to find out how Natural House cleaners work!

My Experience:
So, you now know how they work. But DO they work, that's the important question!
I put Trashy, Sinky, and Flushy to work in my house for about a month to put them to the test.

Trashy:  We use an open pail lined with a plastic bag as a trash can, and it tends to get pretty dirty under our sink cabinet. I followed instructions, which were simply to spray Trashy into trash can or diaper pail and let the probiotics to their work and wipe out the bottom of the pail. It physically cleaned our trash can quite well, and has a pleasant wintergreen scent that reminds me of Doublemint Gum- much better than stinky trash leakage!

Flushy:  This one was super-simple to use, as well. Just put a water-soluble Flushy packet into your toilet bowl and let it work it's magic. After sitting for a minute or two, I attacked it with our toilet brush, and any water (and other) stains came right off. The only beef I have with Flushy is that it's "fresh clean scent" didn't last any longer than one flushy. Maybe we're just a stinky family? Hmm...

Sinky:  Sinky is my favorite of the three. Easy to use water soluble packets that dissolve before your eyes in a foamy-second. Jace and I have fun watching these ones foam up in the drain, which cleans out our kitchen pipes. They have a nice citrus scent that's perfect for the kitchen, too. Here's a pic of our oh-so-fabulous kitchen sink with Sinky foaming-to-work in the middle:

I loved all three products! They've earned my highest rating...5 out of 5 Starfishes!

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