Newborn Necessities {Review + Giveaway}

New baby in the house? New baby on the way? Newborn Necessities will make your life 4763265687917689 times easier, guaranteed!

There are many items you will need to get ready for your baby, and Newborn Necessities is one of those things. As soon as your baby is born, your doctor, midwife, nurse, and/or pediatrician will ask you to keep track of his or her feedings and diaper changes. Make it easier on yourself by writing it down. Using the charts provided in Newborn Necessities will help eliminate common feelings of stress and anxiety associated with, When did I last feed the baby? Is he/she eating enough? When was their last bowel movement? 

 This book is designed for parents by parents. It is intended to make your journey into parenthood a little bit easier by providing you with easy-to-use charts to document this information. It is a quick, compact, and easy-to-understand way to chart this information, thus leaving you more time to spend with your baby and catch up on your sleep! 

  Newborn Necessities, designed by Jennifer Cigale, is a wonderful resource for new and expecting parents! When Jace was born, we attempted to breastfeed while in the hospital. Unfortunately, he was losing more weight than the doctors liked and I was barely making any colostrum so we switched to formula for half of his feedings. During those first few weeks, it was so crucial for us to keep record of what and how much he ate at each feeding and his "outputs" because he wasn't heartily gaining weight. I can't tell you how much I wish we'd had Newborn Necessities at that time! Feeling pretty creative, I took it upon myself to create a "Poop Chart" on MS Word and print it out to hang above the changing table. Half the time it was forgotten, and I simply didn't have the space or organization to add the feeding schedule onto it.

  Thankfully, Newborn Necessities does all the work for you! The first half of the book consists of intake charts as well as expected amounts for babies intake and output during the first week and after. There are spaces to record time of feeding, length of time at breast, amount taken by bottle, and any other comments. (Very helpful for those both nursing and bottle feeding) The latter half of the book contains "Diaper Diary" pages to record those lovely happenings in the diapers. It records the time of change, spaces to check off pee and poop, and again a place for any comments- a place to write down color, consistency, etc. The book is small enough to fit into any diaper bag or purse, and can also be left with daycare providers or babysitters. 

Had I a copy of Newborn Necessities when Jace arrived I would have been a happier mama. This book would make the perfect shower gift (if the mom-to-be doesn't appreciate it now, she will later!) 

Newborn Necessities gets 4 out of 5 Starfishes!
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