Sexy Costume Discounters {Review}

Looking for something to spice-up your Valentine's Day? Whether at home with a loved one, at a party with friends, or perhaps at a bar lookin' for love,'s outfits are sure heat things up a bit!

Costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore! (Any they're not just for kids anymore, either!) carries sizes XS through plus, with many styles available in the full gauntlet of sizes. I always have a hard time finding a costume that's cute and fits properly, so I decided to go with a plus-size costume for review. I received the Pirates Pleasure Adult Plus Costume:
While I don't look nearly as adorable as the model, I think it suits me pretty well! It gave me an excuse to put makeup on, which was a nice change of pace.

"Yarr mateys. Who says that pirates need to be overweight, hairy, drunk men? With this Pirates Pleasure Adult Plus Costume you will be the sexiest party go-er, let alone pirate this Halloween."

The Pirates Pleasure Adult Plus Costume includes:
  • red and black blouse
  • vinyl mini skirt
  • sequined corset-style belt
  • red and black matching head scarf

  The costume arrived in perfect condition, packaging and all. The material is your typical Halloween costume polyester, though there are no unfinished edges like a lot of costumes that I've encountered before. It was a roomy fit with plenty of room to spare. (This plus size costume states that it fits sizes 18-22, and I'm a 16-18) A must-have accessory, in my opinion, is a good strapless bra, as the blouse gives absolutely NO support to the girls.
  Also, in the pictures I am wearing the corset belt upside down (for a reason.) The photo of the costume shows a small gold tie that appears to be holding the point of the corset belt to the top of the blouse, but this tie was not included in my package. When worn right-side-up, the belt folded over on itself and simply refused to stay put! So...I improvised. It works.
  The only manufacturing problem I see with the costume is on a seam under the right arm of the blouse. There's a small hole where the arm piece and torso piece are sewn together, but from the untrained eye it's undetectable. 
Overall, this costume is wonderful! It's cute and sexy, but not skanky. It flatters certain curves while hiding others under ruffles and vinyl. I'll definitely be holding onto this until Halloween. (Though hopefully by then it will be far too large!)
Here are a few others that I love:

You can purchase these and other great costumes at!