Teething Tots {Review + Giveaway}

As adults, we know that there are few things worse than an ongoing toothache. If only we could remember the pain and frustration of teething...ouch! Luckily, there are Teething Tots natural Baltic amber necklaces to help!

"Amber is fossilized sap which contains trace amounts of succinic acid, a known anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. The warmth from the skin releases the active ingredient in the amber. The active ingredient is quickly absorbed into the blood stream, when worn against the skin, soothing a baby naturally while he or she struggles with the pain of cutting brand new teeth."

When I first discovered Teething Tots, I assumed they were your standard teething items to be gnawed on. These necklaces are completely unique! They're not meant to be gummed or bitten (though from experience I now know that they certainly can be, with supervision.) Simply having the amber beads against the skin releases small amounts of a natural anti-inflammatory, soothing your little one from within. 

We received the Rainbow Bean Mommy and Baby set, which is absolutely gorgeous as you can see above. Amber is my absolute favorite "gemstone!" It fits Jace's neck perfectly and looks good with just about anything he's wearing. (Though most of the time it's under his shirt to stay close to his skin.) The mommy's version looks exactly the same, but with larger beads, and fits me perfectly also. 

With anything that goes around baby's neck, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. All Teething Tots amber necklaces secure at the back with an amber and plastic screw-closure, which is designed to release when excessive pressure (ie- pulling) is applied. Also, the cord holding the amber beads is knotted before and after each bead. If for any reason the cord does break, only one bead will come lose while the rest stay secured on the necklace strand. Even with these precautions, I highly recommend following Teething Tots instructions and supervising your child at all times while wearing the necklace. Never put your child to sleep wearing anything around their neck!

As for the effectiveness of these necklaces, it's still fairly early to tell. So far, Jace has his two bottom teeth and (thanks to the necklace, possibly?) he has not had many issues with pain or discomfort yet. But like I said, it's still pretty early in the game. The mommy necklace definitely has a calming effect on me when worn daily. That and, dorky as it may seem, I love going out in public with our matching necklaces. It just feels...special. 

Overall, Teething Tots gets four big thumbs-up from the both of us. Jace loves to play with his, and I just love them period. The price of amber in fine jewelry can be uber-high, but these baby necklaces are only $22 for pure Baltic amber! Here are a couple of my favorites:

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