Scandle Shimmering Lotion Candle {Review}

Dry skin? Grab some lotion. Stinky house? Grab a candle. Multi-tasker? You need a Scandle body candle!

Sorry if that sounded infomercial-esque, but it's true! I've fallen in love with this little guy...Let me introduce you to the Scandle Shimmering Lotion Body Candle, travel-size. Look closely and you can see the shimmering little gold specks in the wax...beautiful!

So, what makes the Scandle Candle different from other body candles?
This 4 ounce candle contains all natural ingredients, including FDA-approved cosmetic grade soy butter, jojoba, shea butter, and essential oils. It burns at just 2 degrees above body temperature, making it perfect for a relaxing or sensual natural massage oil, cuticle massage, or as an everyday lotion for dry spots. The lower melting point also causes the candle to burn slower and last longer, woohoo! 

Back to a note about the ingredients: most "body candles" on the market nowadays are made primarily of soy wax. Even when heated, pure soy wax is heavy and not very lotion-like. It doesn't absorb into the skin as easily, and doesn't contain any of the natural oils and vitamins that Scandle candles do. Soy wax also requires a higher melting point, so wicks are usually made with a zinc core, which can pollute surrounding air. Scandle candles use a pure cotton wick, simple as that!

My Review:

I received a Scandle Shimmering Lotion Candle in Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey. 

These candles are so easy to use! The travel candle, pictured above, comes in a square tin made from recycled materials. (Also available in a 10 ounce reusable ceramic container) It's recommended to trim the wick before each use, which I do, and burn for about 30 minutes before use so that the wax melts evenly. I absolutely hate those leftover candle bits stuck to the sides of jars from paraffin candles...uneven melting = pet peeve! Anyway, the picture above was taken approx. 15 minutes into the burn, but I just couldn't wait! Note that you can see the little gold flecks in the melting wax. This is exclusive to the Shimmering Lotion candles, and once applied to skin will help to conceal imperfections and give skin a healthy glow through the use of natural minerals! 
To use the lotion candle, simply blow out the flame and use either a finger or the silicone band to apply to desired body parts. A little goes a long way!

The wax is quite comfortable to the touch and glides over dry skin easily. It smells light and sweet, and has a heavenly glow! My skin definitely appears and feels smooth and more supple after each use. 

I'd recommend this wonderful candle to those looking for a natural, fun way to moisturize (or get yourself a sensual backrub, maybe?) I'm looking forward to giving myself a mini manicure and using Scandle to help restore my cuticles back to health after one-too-many dish-washings. Like the website warns, though, people with nut allergies and pyromaniacs should NOT use Scandle candles. (They contain jojoba, shea, and soy)

You can purchase Scandle candles directly from their site of from various retailers.
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