Send a Flying Card frizbee-grams! {Review + Giveaway}

As much as I love receiving birthday/Christmas/greeting cards in the mail, I'm always faced with that dreaded decision once the holiday is over: Do I recycle the card or hold on to it for memories down the road? If I keep it, where do I put it? Eventually I end up with a huge stack of cards that, while cute, are otherwise useless. has come up with a useful (and fun) solution: Frizbee cards!

Send a Flying Card is a family business started by Shawn and Danielle in New York. It all started when Shawn noticed blank plastic discs in a craft store and wondered if he would be able to send them package-free though the postal service. After consulting local post office workers, the consensus was "sure, why not?" Much research and many test flights later, Send A Flying Card was born!

Jace and I were excited to see a bright green "thing" waiting for us next to our mailbox one day! Since his first birthday was just around the corner (March 10th, birthday update will come later!) I had one made to commemorate the occasion. Look at how cute it is! The flying discs are made of a high quality food and drink grade polypropylene plastic, so technically you could even eat off of it! (though I highly discourage playing outside at the park with it, then using it for lunch.) There are so many occasions to send a flying card, just about as many as you can think of! Birthdays, Holidays, Bar Mitzvah, whatever! They are fully customizable as far as text and can even include a photo on yours for free!

Jace's flying card came within 3-4 days of ordering it, shipping is super-fast! The plastic disc comes as-is, no box or wasteful packaging materials. The shipping label is affixed to the backside of the disc and is 100% removable, it came off in one easy tug for us. I considered keeping our label on it just for keepsake purposes, but figured that with spring coming it would see regular use and abuse and fall off anyway. The clear, printed label on the front of the disc is excellent quality, no bubbles or scratches at all. So far, since it's still quite chilly outside in central Maine we've only lightly tossed it around indoors but have already got great use out of our disc! gets 5/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

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