Snap Sac Thermal Totes {Review + Giveaway}

Mark takes his lunch just about every night, usually something homemade by me. He works the overnight shift, so by the time lunch rolls around, there aren't even any fast food joints to pick up a "fresh" meal.  The chore for me boils down to making a good, nutritious meal that can be enjoyed without being reheated, as most nights he leaves his lunch in the car instead of taking it all the way to the backroom of the store. What would make this task easier on me? A high quality lunch bag to keep everything I make fresher!

SnapSac provides just that: a line of reusable totes and bags, sturdier than those you can buy at your local grocery store. I was able to try the Lunch Tote and Cool Tote and am completely sold!
About SnapSac:
SnapSac™ is a division of 1 Bag at a Time, Inc., a leading supplier of reusable bags to grocery stores, businesses, governments, schools, libraries and community groups.   At 1 Bag at a Time, Inc, we are committed to social, environmental, and economic responsibility.  We strive to live our values every day, and bring you a tote bag that is fashionable and socially responsible, just like you!
We see SnapSac™ as the next evolution in reusable bags.  We created it to renew excitement about what a bag could be and should be.  Our goal was to give you style, quality, and responsibility—all for about the price of a latte.

Lunch Tote:  The lunch tote is the perfect size for Mark's lunches at work. I usually send him with one of those square Rubbermaid containers, which don't fit into much of anything else. This lunch bag can easily fit TWO of them! The tote is fully thermal-lined, keeping food hot or cold for up to three hours, (perfect for Mark's lunch sitting out in the car) and closes with a magnetic snap closure. It's even got a mesh pocket on the back to hold anything from a water bottle to utensils, neat!

Cool Tote:  The cool tote is not only thermal, but also has a leak-proof lining! This tote will hold up to three pounds of ice to keep your foods cool without leaking thanks to its inner PVC lining. It's also super roomy, with a small snap pocket on the outside to hold any extras like napkins, straws, etc. A zipper travels along the top to close, and the shoulder strap is long enough to easily carry. I love that I can use this cooler in place of a wasteful, storage-hogging Styrofoam cooler for bbq's, picnics, and family outings. It also works wonders at the supermarket when bringing home frozen foods, especially ice cream. I can't tell you how many times I'd bring home half-melted ice cream when the temperature spikes in summer. Bring along your cooler tote and an ice pack or two (or some ice) and you're set.

On both totes, I'd like to see an adjustable strap to make them more easily held by hand. Other than that, these totes are perfect just the way they are!

Economical, environmentally-friendly and easy to use, SnapSac totes offer an easy way to cut back on your global footprint while looking great!
SnapSac gets 4/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

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