Sponsor Spotlight: Bounce Back Fast! DVD {Review}

If you've had a kid, chances are you've still got at least a little bit of "pooch" in the belly region. I'm one to talk...it's been nearly a year since Jace was born, and I'm still not back to pre-preggo weight. Extra poundage + weakened abdominal walls + more sedentary lifestyle = not a happy momma. I was super-happy to come across BeFit-Mom's Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning, a DVD created by  nationally recognized perinatal exercise specialist Helene Byrne.

The "Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning" DVD provides a truly innovative postpartum reconditioning program that will have you looking great and feeling terrific—fast!
Unlike other post natal programs, which offer nothing more than a generic assortment of toning exercises, the BeFit-Mom system rebuilds the abdominal wall from the inside out, closes abdominal separation, and develops core strength and stability.

The method also fixes the "pregnant looking" belly pooch that far too many moms are burdened with, even years after pregnancy.

Thousands of moms have transformed their bodies, you can too!

To start out, I'd never even heard "abdominal separation" mentioned by even my doctors, though it's a fairly common occurrence in women postpartum. After doing a little research, I've found that most women with this "disorder" go untreated, though the only real ways to fix the problem are deep core conditioning exercises or cosmetic surgery. (Can we say Tummy Tuck? Yikes!)

This video consists of two basic workouts: the Gentle First Moves workout and the Bounce Back Fast! workout. The DVD comes complete with a FREE latex resistance band to assist your stretches. The first program, the Gentle First Moves, can be started just says after giving birth (with physicians ok, of course) and works at:
  • Speeding healing from labor and delivery
  • Relieving any discomfort
  • Gently stretching sore, tight muscles
  • Protecting joints and ligaments
  • Starting to flatten the "jelly belly" slowly
  • Introducing abdominal techniques that are expanded upon in the second workout.
This first workout is a great place to start, especially if you've gained a larger amount of weight or did/do not exercise regularly. It's slow and very gentle, yet effective. 

The second workout, Bounce Back Fast!, works at:
  • Strengthening all four layers of the abdominal wall
  • Flattening the ab walls and improving your contours
  • Shortens abdominal musculature
  • Helping to develop deep core strength ans stability
  • Realigning and lengthening the spine
  • Repairing abdominal separation
  • Speeding postpartum weight loss
  • and much more!
I made the mistake of skipping the first workout and going straight to the Bounce Back Fast program. Well, not so much a mistake, but my muscles were definitely feeling it! I loved it...the first workout is quite deceiving. I felt no soreness, no real stretching involved while performing the exercises. I felt good immediately after the workout, though, and the next morning woke up with an acute awareness of the work I'd really done! The resistance band helps heaps with certain stretches, relieving a lot of neck tension when doing ab exercises. 

Best of all, these workouts are easy to do while the little one is napping! Each workout takes 30 minutes max. to complete, so when dear daughter or son wakes up you'll have plenty of energy to play! This video not only works for new moms but also for anyone looking to lose a little extra belly fat. So quit those crunches and get with the deep core conditioning program!

Bounce Back Fast! gets 5/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

Purchase a copy for yourself or a friend (makes a great shower gift!) on the BeFit-Mom website for $21.99.
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