Sponsor Spotlight: Cedar's Mediterranean Foods {Review}


Meet one of the sponsors for our healthy snacking package coming up in the March Into April event starting March 30th:  Cedar's Mediterranean Foods!

I'm a sucker for a good hummus. It's my weakness. Up here in Maine good Mediterranean food can be hard to find, though. I'm glad to say that I've found one company's goods in several large chain stores!

Cedar's Story:
It all began with an idea and a passion during the mid 1980’s in the Merrimack Valley, about 35 miles north of Boston. Founder Abe Hanna’s passion was for Mediterranean foods. His idea was to put these healthy and great tasting foods into the mouths of everyday American people. Noticing the lack of Mediterranean foods in local grocery stores, the Cedar’s family knew it had a mission to fulfill. 
 I was given the opportunity to try an array of different products that Cedar's offers. Here are a few of them!

My favorite has to be the Taboule Salad! I've made several mixes of taboule (made with parsley and bulgar wheat) before, but none can compare to the great, fresh taste of Cedars! I love that it's all-natural and refreshing, and oh so versatile! I ate some straight from the container, but also fell in love with it added to a sandwich instead of mayo to add moisture.

Black Bean Salad was next on my list, and it was also delicious! The perfect mix of salty and sweet, this salad cured cravings for sweet and savory alike. Also all-natural and crisp, this salad tasted great alone and would make an excellent addition on top of a bed of leafy greens.

The last two salads were the above pictured Chickpea Salad and an unphotographed Edamame (soy bean) Salad. I especially liked the chickpea salad because of it's inclusion of cranberries for a sweet tang. Even Jace enjoyed a few chickpeas while I was mowing-down!

These three were actually the first I tried, as they are sold at a store in our closest town. I used the Spinach Wraps to make rolls of lettuce, hummus, and turkey, which tasted fabulous! I chose the Red Pepper Hommus and it goes well with just about everything! Fresh and creamy, I dipped pretzels, pita chips, and veggies in it for a light healthy snack. Tzatziki is also a favorite, this one is a little heavy on the garlic but still great.

Cedar's Mediterranean Foods carries many other gourmet products like pita chips and salsa! Their website also has some fun stuff, like discount coupons and recipes. I'd love to try the Mediterranean Potato Salad, yum!

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