Sponsor Spotlight: Funky Monkey Snacks {Review}

Please welcome another sponsor for our March Into April healthy snacking prize pack: Funky Monkey Snacks!

"There are so many snacks that are delicious and un-healthy, or healthy but bad-tasting...wouldn't it be great if there was a delicious, convenient snack with the wholesomeness and natural goodness of fresh fruit?
That's what Funky Monkey is all about- we combine the great taste and nutrition of fresh fruit with the crunch and convenience of your favorite snacks. We do it be freeze-drying full slices and pieces of real fruit using a unique process to lock in the taste, smell, and nutrients of freshly-picked fruit, while creating a fun and satisfying crunch!"
Funky Monkey snacks are truly one of a kind!  I'm guilty of being a convenience snacker. While I'm sitting at the computer or out and about with my little one, I usually grab a snack that will "keep my mouth busy," like pretzels or chips. While these snacks are good in moderation, it's definitely not a habit I want Jace picking up. Luckily, with Funky Monkey Snacks we have a great alternative!

Funky Monkey graciously sent me a sampler pack, one bag of each flavor they currently offer, to try out. I've gotta say, I was impressed at how light the packages are! Small, compact, and weighing almost nothing, these little treats would fit perfectly in a purse or knapsack to be carried around.

So far, Bananamon and Applemon have been my favorites! (I can be a cinnamon fiend at times) Funky Monkey also serves up: Carnival Mix, JiveALime, Purple Funk, Pink Pineapple, and Mango OJ (yummy and tart!) Each flavor offers a unique experience for your taste buds with one thing in common: a pleasant crunch! I had the idea that these fruits were going to be tough and jerky-like, like many dried fruits on the market are. NOT SO! The crunch is light and airy, yet extremely flavorful. Many pieces, like Bananamon above, retain their original fruit shape, while others like the MangoOJ form more chunk-like bunches. All are delicious in their own way!

I think the best part about these snacks is that you can easily pack them away in a child's lunch box instead of a fruit snack package, which has little to no nutrients. Funky Monkey Snacks retain almost all original nutrients of fresh fruit, so you can be sure your little one is getting everything he/she needs to grow! (Can we find a way to make some tasty, kid-friendly freeze-dried protein and veggie snacks, too? Perfect!)

Funky Monkey Snacks get 4/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

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