The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life Book {Review + Giveaway}

Let's face it: Life has holes, and lots of them. Some are easier to escape than others, but with the right attitude you can make it though just about anything! All it takes is a little shifting and morphing of the way you perceive and react to things, as only you can control your emotions and the way you feel.

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! by Judith A. Belmont, MS and Lora Shor, MSW can help guide us through those tough times, tackling one problem at a time.

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! is a fun, easy to follow read. Seriously, this book has so many good tidbits to improve your way of thinking and improve your life, and all are presented in a humorous way that makes it easy to digest. With cartoons, personal and client stories (many of which made me laugh out loud), and different points of view, the authors succeed in empowering and changing lives!

This book goes slice-by-slice, working to get through the "holes" in life without getting stuck in them. A huge aspect that hit home for me is the "slice" that discusses perfectionists and procrastination. This fits me to a tee! I have a huge tendency to put things off that I feel I can't give my all to, which leads to a HUGE pile of work when I finally sit down to do it. (I'm looking at you, giant pile of reviews.) Not only do the authors give suggestions and exercises for troubleshooting life's problems like procrastination, but they also include worksheets in the book to do a little "self-work."


  • Are you trying to make changes in your life, yet you find yourself digging deeper into a hole?
  • Do you “know better” but still can’t seem to get out from under your unhealthy patterns and habits?
  • Do you often have “why does this happen to me” thinking?
  • Are you looking for happiness in all the wrong places?
  • Are you ready to make healthy changes in your life … physically, emotionally, spiritually?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – this book is for you!

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life is a book about resiliency. Using Swiss Cheese as a metaphor for life itself, you will explore ways to get through the holes without getting stuck in them. Swiss is not like any other cheese – and neither are you!

I found The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! thoroughly enjoyable and helpful, and I'm sure you will too! 

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