Tuckaroo - The Bib Reinvented {Review + Giveaway}

Have a little one means messes. Lots of messes.

Most of these are unavoidable. Poop-explosions, drooly shirts, and toys all over the floor. Now you can control and prevent at least one of life's messy situations: mealtime! The Tuckaroo makes messy collars and clothes a thing of the past.

The Tuckaroo is the only bib you'll ever need! Their new, innovative design protects your child's clothing from becoming soiled with an extra waterproof flap that tucks underneath the collar, called the "Roo."

The Tuckaroo comes in three different sizes ( newborn, infant, and toddler) and two colors (pink and blue.) 

Jace and I received the blue toddler bib to review. I was won over from the start...look at the packaging, so cute! I could already tell that it would make a perfect baby shower gift for any expecting mama.

One of the best aspects about the Tuckaroo, besides the obvious stain prevention, are it's no-fuzz snap closures. Most of our bibs hook in back with a Velcro tab, which wears out over time and frequently comes undone and catches on other clothing in the washer and dryer. There are two snap settings to ensure a perfect neckline fit, and with Jace just hitting the 12 month mark in March it fits perfectly on the smaller of the two.  Also, the Tuckaroo's newborn size is "strapless," so that you won't disturb baby's neck at all! 
Jace loves being able to make a mess without Mom freaking out!
We gave the toddler bib quite the test run with some mixed veggies and other foods. I'm happy to report that, aside from his sleeves that I forgot to roll up, Jace's clothing stayed food-free! The Tuckaroo is large enough that it covers his whole front, protecting his shirt and the waistband of his pants. I felt confident enough that I let Jace make a bit more of a mess than usual:

Okay, so we didn't get out of control messy...but still! 

The only thing that didn't work 100% perfectly was also 100% my fault. After the messy session with the mixed veggies, I neglected to rinse off the bib as I usually do with my others. I just threw it in the laundry pile, and after washing, the bib was stained with big orange blobs all down the front. This does not affect the performance of the Tuckaroo, though, so all is well! I'd love to see this bib made out of a stain-resistant material, but it's great as-is, too!

The Tuckaroo gets 5/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

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