The wisdom of tea.

I'm normally not a tea person at all. In fact, I'm usually the one scoffing at everyone drinking their huge glasses of idea tea during the summer. It's just never really grown on me until a few weeks ago when I started having major tooth pain. I'm reviewing Good Earth's decaf green tea with lemongrass, which I tried for the first time maybe three weeks ago. The tea is actually quite flavorful, not too "herby" like others, but I'll save the review for later.

What shocked me was that immediately after just one cup of tea, my tooth pain was virtually GONE. Completely. Of course, it returned later in the evening, but this prompted me to look up more information on tea and pain relief online. Did you know that in addition to having amazing antioxidant powers, green tea is also a powerful anti inflammatory? I had no clue! From then on out, anytime I woke up in the middle of the night with an achy mouth (har har, get your minds outta the gutter!) I'd light up the stove and make a warm cup of green tea. Within minutes, no pain! I'm officially in love.

Anyway, what prompted me to rant about this is that I look forward to reading my tea bag tag daily. Yep. Each tea bag has a great quote or ancient wisdom printed on it, and they're quite uplifting and motivating. I liked this one very much:

This rings especially true for me working towards my fitness goals, which have been somewhat lacking as of late. I've skipped the past two Fitness Fridays, mostly due to poor memory but partially to avoidance. I haven't been an "active adult" at all, I've actually been rather sedentary. As far as eating goes, I've been running through some middle ground. Healthy at times, horrible during others. My desire to "healthify" my body is what drives me, it's my resolution. It's what keeps putting me back on track after I derail. I have to believe that I will eventually make it to my goals, but in the meantime focus on those "any one things." And while I may slip up often every once in a while, jumping back on the bandwagon is what really matters in the long run.
/end mental upchuck