Shave Well Fog-Free Shower Mirror {Review}

Finally: something for my "other half" to review! Plus it gets him to shave a little more often  ;)

Introducing the Shave Well Fog-Free Shower Mirror:

Did you know...
  • A dry human hair takes about as much force to cut as a copper wire of identical diameter.
  • After three minutes in the shower, the tensile strength of your beard is reduced by nearly seventy percent!

When our mirror first arrived I told Mark he'd have to "install" it in the shower himself because of our height difference. (Thank goodness I won't have the need to shave my face anytime in the near future.) At first, he scoffed. Didn't want to do it. Then one day the mirror magically appeared in the shower, huzzah! Installing the mirror is very simple, all it requires is a clean shower surface and a few seconds of your time to peel-and-stick the plastic hook to the wall. Voila! 

The magic in making this mirror "fog-free" is in the underlying science of fog itself. Fog forms when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cooler glass mirror and condenses. The solution? A lightweight mirror with the capability to warm-up to shower temperature: the Shave Well Mirror. All you have to do is remove the mirror from it's adhesive hook and hold both sides under your shower head for a few seconds, then rehang and shave! If at any point the mirror gets a little foggy, just repeat! 

Also, arguably most importantly, the mirror is virtually unbreakable by dropping! It's not made of heavy traditional glass like other mirrors, so I don't have to worry about my little man getting a hold of it and making a dangerous mess.

The only thing I'm not too thrilled about is the adhesive hook. It works well and all, but we live in a rental unit and will have to clean the bathroom 100% once we decide to move. I really dislike having to clean-up stick adhesive residue, so I'm hoping that when the time comes a little Goo Gone will do wonders on out shower wall.

Overall rating: 4/5 Starfishes!
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