Sponsor Spotlight: Babee Greens Organic Cotton Prefold Cloth Diaper {Review}

I'm so excited to be sharing with you not only a sponsor for the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper event, but also our first experience with a certain type of cloth diaper: prefolds! Meet Babee Greens, makers of organic cotton fitted and prefold cloth dipes, natural wool covers, and much more.

We had the chance to give one of Babee Greens' organic cotton prefold diapers a try, and it's definitely been an interesting experience. 

When you think of cloth diapers, you probably think of the prefolds that your mother or grandmother used. Now Babee Greens is offering their prefolds to online customers only! Made from two layers of luxurious organic cotton flannel on the sides and four layers in the middle. No pins requred! Just fold in different ways to fit inside a diaper cover to keep the prefold in place.
Brand-new, gorgeously soft organic cotton!

Unfolded: regular-size prefold measures 19"x16" pre-washing
and 17"x15" after washing.
Ease of Use:           - Jace and I are brand-new to prefolds, so it should come as no surprise that our first use of this prefold was somewhat awkward. I had to look up a few folds to try, and I've decided that I like the angel-wing fold (like this one) best so far. Note: I used diaper pins to secure it, which worked well but we've since moved on to the wonders of the Snappi! I've found that prefolds, when pinned or Snappied on) are fairly hard to put on a wiggly, squirmy little guy, but are super easy if you simply fold them and lay them inside of a waterproof diaper shell. 

Fit:           - The beauty of prefolds is that they're so versatile they'll fit just about any size baby. They can be folded over in the front to lower the rise, or folded differently to allow for more absorption in different areas of the diaper. The organic cotton Babee Greens prefold is trim enough to fit in just about every size diaper cover. When worn by itself it makes Jace's butt look a little chunky and odd-shaped, but that's probably because of my newbie-ness and I'm sure it'll get better with practice!

Leakage:           - This diaper holds quite a large amount of liquid! Since this diaper isn't waterproof it requires a waterproof diaper cover to protect against leakage. Don't have one? Do what we did and use an unstuffed pocket diaper. Babee Greens also sells some great wool and even cashmere diaper covers, talk about ultimate softness!

Washing & Drying:           As with most all cloth diapers, the Babee Greens organic cotton prefold needs to be washed before being used to get rid of any natural oils or production residues and improve absorption. With organic cottons and hemp I've heard it said that they need a few more washings than synthetic fibers, so we washed our prefold about 5-6 times before use. Once you get those first washes out of the way, all you have to do is dump any solids from the soiled diaper into the toilet and toss the prefold into the washer with your other cloth dipes. 

For drying, these prefolds can be line-dried to sun-out any stains or machine dried. They're one of the slower-drying diapers I own, but that's simply because of it's amazing, natural absorption!

Cutness-factor:           - I'm a sucker for cute prints, though there's really no point in a cutely printed prefold of fitted because they're meant to be completely covered up with a diaper cover. The Babee Greens prefold is pure functionality, which is perfect for a prefold. I definitely can't wait to pick up one of Babee Greens wool covers to go with it!

Overall Rating:      ★ - It's been a great new adventure for us! 

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You can purchase Babee Greens organic cotton prefolds, fitted diapers, covers, and much more on their website.

Babee Greens has generously agreed to provide an organic cotton prefold to the winner of the upcoming Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Event taking place May 1-12. Be sure to check back and enter to win our huge prize pack!