Sponsor Spotlight: Bio+Green Crystals Cleaners {Review}

 Blogging has opened my eyes to so many new and wonderful products, and I especially love learning about "green" goodies like Bio+Green Crystals

Bio+Green Crystals is pleased to offer the world's first nutraceutical grade, zero waste, earth friendly product line of eco friendly cleaning products. Bio+Green Crystals eco friendly cleaning products are 100% biodegradeable and formulated with plant and mineral based ingredients tough enough to handle any spill, mess, debris or dirt while remaining completely earth friendly.
  Our eco friendly cleaning products meet all environmental standards and are the cleaning products approved by the environmentally sensitive Australian Antarctic Division for use at four of its bases on the South Pole. Being ‘earth friendly’ is not a phrase we take lightly at Bio+Green. Our goal has always been to provide end users with eco friendly products that clean without exposing you to harsh, toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals. Other supposed eco friendly products claim to be ‘earth friendly’, but compare our plant and mineral based ingredients against other eco products. Bio+Green Crystals are true eco products - even the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

 Talk about eco-friendly! Everything about Bio+Green is green, from their sustainable manufacturing to their no-waste products. Bio+Green Crystals are revolutionary new cleaners that utilize natural plant and mineral compounds that, mixed with ordinary water, create environmentally friendly household cleaning products. These crystal cleaners are 100% natural and biodegradable, automatically reducing your carbon footprint.
I received the Fruit and Vegetable Wash and the Child Safe Multi-Surface and Toy Cleaner to review (as well as a perfect-sized spray bottle.)

The crystal packets are super easy to use: just drop the water-soluble packet into a spray bottle, add 32 ounces of warm water, and shake! The crystals and packet dissolve and mix into the water, leaving only the outer packaging to recycle.

I decided to try the child-safe toy wash first. I love that it has no scent, good or bad. That's a big pet peeve of mine with traditional chemical cleaners, the nasty burning chemical smell or overly fake, flowery smell meant to mask it. This cleaner has neither! It sprays on toys and surfaces (changing table, door handles, high chair) easily and evenly and wipes clean. This cleaner is definitely one I can trust in my cleaning cabinet and around my little man!

The fruit and vegetable wash is phenomenal! I can't even begin to express my dislike of the wax many fruits are coated in to "look better." The fruit and veggie wash, made the same way as described above, gets rid of wax, soil, and agricultural chemicals (pesticides) on fresh fruit and veggies, no problem. Fresh foods these days are becoming more and more processed so one can never be too careful protecting against harmful chemicals.

Bio+Green also makes many other natural household cleaning crystals, even a hand sanitizer and line of "liquid gloves" that protect against environmental dangers like gardening chemicals. So many amazing products, and all would be perfect to get your Spring cleaning jumpstarted!

Bio+Green crystals gets 4/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

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