Sponsor Spotlight: Eco Sprout Detergent + Bottom Balm & Spray {Review}

I'm an avid blog giveaway-enterer, too. I LOVE to win goodies! Winning an Eco Sprout giveaway was actually what first got me into cloth diapering...I figured since I'd been curious about cloth diapering for a while and I now had the proper detergent, might as well get some diapers! Ever since I've been hooked on Eco Sprout's products and was ecstatic when they agreed to send me some goodies to review and giveaway for the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Event!

Eco Sprout was founded by a work-at-home-DAD (that's right, a dad!) who was looking for a laundry wash that he could use on both cloth diaper and family laundry. If you've ever experienced that nasty ammonia/pee smell even after washing your diapers time and time again, you've shared in this dad's frustration! After much research and many trials, Eco Spout was born!

In the past I've used Eco Sprout's Peppermint Stick seasonal scent, and was now given the chance to try Green Tea!

Eco Sprout laundry wash comes in a gorgeous reusable cloth drawstring bag with a resealable plastic bag of detergent and instructions for use.  Each batch of Eco Sprout is handmade out of 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients and is pure and gentle enough for cloth diapers, yet strong enough to remove dirt and grime from everyday clothes. If you're new to cloth diapering, know that cloth dipes require special dye-brightener-softener-etc. free detergent to reach their optimum absorption. Regular detergent will cause a buildup on cloth fibers that can cause leaks, yuck!

Fluff freshly cleaned with Eco Sprout!

I absolutely love that my clothes (and Jace's diapers) go in to the wash smelling to high-heaven of nasty and come out smelling fresh and clean! They Eco Sprout offers various scents of detergent: Green Tea, Lavender Chamomile, and Fresh Linen, just to name a few. The best part? My clothes come out not only clean smelling, but clean

So what else does Eco Sprout offer? Two of my favorites are the Bottom Spray and Bottom Balm Stick! 
Bottom Spray is a great alternative to plain water on cloth wipes. (And also works wonders on disposable wipes as an extra cleaner/refresher!) Made of all natural ingredients:
Distilled water, Grapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, kosher vegetable glycerin, organic aloe, vanilla bean extract, vitaminE, orange and eucalyptus essential oils or French lavender essential oil, tea tree oil.
You can use the spray in a few different ways: by spraying directly on baby's bottom and wiping away, by spraying on cloth wipes, or by pouring over cloth wipes in a wipe container. We use ours by spraying directly on little man's butt, which is really refreshing for him when it's hot outside and makes him smell wonderful (no more poopy-remnant smell.) The Bottom Spray comes in three sizes: 8oz spray bottle, small concentrate (makes 16oz) with aluminum spray bottle, and pack of 2 concentrate bottles (makes 32 ounces) and three "scents" (orange eucalyptus, french lavender, and pure/unscented.) Orange eucalyptus is hands-down my favorite, but french lavender is a nice floral scent, too.

Last but not least, my favorite of the three...the Bottom Balm Stick! As most cloth diaper mamas know you can't use traditional diaper rash creams with cloth dipes, as the cream builds up and blocks absorption. Bottom Balm is a natural, safe, better alternative, and I wish we'd stumbled upon it earlier! It soothes pretty much any butt-ailment Jace has had so far, plus is great for his little knee scrapes and my own dry skin.
All Natural Ingredients:  Butyrospermum parkii (shea) oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) butter,  Calendula infused olive oil, blend of healing essential oils.
Bottom Balm is great for your little one's bum, scrapes and minor burns, and dry, chapped skin. It comes in two sizes: a 1oz tin and a 2oz stick. (pictured above)

Overall rating: 5/5 Starfishes for all three products!

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Eco Sprout has generously agreed to provide a 24oz bag of detergent (winner's choice of scent) and a Bottom Balm Stick to the winner of the upcoming Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Event taking place May 1-12. Be sure to check back and enter to win our huge prize pack!