Sponsor Spotlight: Fiafini Sensitive Skincare {Review}

If you're like me and have super-sensitive skin, finding the perfect skin regimen can be a pain. A huge pain. Most washes and creams are either too harsh and drying or so light that they don't do much of anything. I'm pleased to share with you a happy medium: Fiafini Skincare!

Finally, clinically-proven skincare safe for all skin types that harnesses the anti-aging benefits that you will see and feel, legendary antioxidant power of South African Marula beauty oil for advanced anti-aging benefits. Fiafini Skincare products protect the skin naturally from environmental and free radical damage, dehydration, and irritation—and deliver safe, powerful, visible anti-aging benefits you will see and feel.

If you're reading this and have never heard of Marula oil before, we have/had another thing in common!
Marula Facts:
  • Marula is a relative of the mango tree and 10 times more stable on the skin than olive oil. 
  • Contains more vitamin C than an orange.
  • Is rich in unsaturated oleic acid, which allows it to be more readily absorbed into the skin.
  • Has anti-free radical properties to help protect against environmental damage.
  • Has redness-reducing and water-retaining properties for the skin.
Not only is the oil prized, but every part of the tree is used for medicinal purposes. Evidently South African women have been using Marula oil for centuries to keep their beautiful complexions, and now that I've used it it's easy to see why! I had the chance to try Fiafini's delicate cleansing emulsion and divine hydration moisturizers, and both have been wonderful thus far. 

Delicate Cleansing Emulsion 4.0 fl oz:
A lightweight daily cleanser that gently clarifies and purifies the skin, Delicate Cleansing Emulsion quickly dissolves all traces of dirt, oil and makeup from the skin while delivering powerful anti-aging benefits with Marula oil. We’ve formulated this creamy cleanser to help lift away toxins and environmental impurities that can stress or further damage sensitive skin, all while protecting against redness or irritation. Humectants help preserve skin’s natural moisture barrier and our formula will always be free of fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil, and all parabens. No animal testing.
Cleansers have always been hit-or-miss with me, but I have to admit that I really like Fiafini! Especially important is it's lack of fragrance, which can make or break a facial product. It smells natural and almost a bit sun-screeny, but not quite.

I was a tad worried that I might have an allergic reaction due to the avacado extract listed on the ingredient list. (I'm quite allergic!) My concerns were squashed when after a week of use no reactions showed...yay! I love all the natural ingredients used to make this gentle cleanser, like aloe and various cactus plants. It effectively cleansed my face without stripping my skin of it's natural oils. The benefit of this is that my skin isn't overcompensating for dryness and producing more oil. (Score!)

Diving Hydration Moisturizer 1.7 fl oz:
Get the divine skin of your dreams with Fiafini! A hydrating and healing moisturizer that firms, minimizes wrinkles and restores elasticity, Divine Hydration Moisturizer is the triple-targeted solution to the most common signs of aging. Formulated to be ultra-hydrating yet never heavy, this moisturizer helps soothe and calm redness with Prickly Pear, Avocado and Evening Primrose extracts, while also reducing environmental stress on the skin. Powerful antioxidants Marula oil and vitamin E fight fine lines and wrinkles, and help visibly firm and lift the skin for complete perfection. And as with all Fiafini products, our moisturizer will always be free of fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil, and all parabens. No animal testing and Vegan.
 I was immediately drawn to the fact that this moisturizer is, indeed, vegan! It also doesn't contain mineral oil, which is a huge plus because the oil has a tendency to clog my pores. Like the cleanser, the moisturizer is fragrance-free and smells fresh and slightly sunscreeny. My absolute favorite aspect is the pump on this little bottle...it pumps out a teeny tiny amount of the cream onto your fingertip. Just the right amount you need! A little goes a long way with this facial lotion, so even though it comes in a fairly small size it should last you quite a while.

After using the moisturizer day and night for about a week my skin definitely feels softer and more supple. I can't report on it's anti-aging properties as I don't have any real signs of aging just yet. I can report that it feels super light on my skin and soaks right in after a few minutes but leaves my skin soft and visibly moisturized.

Fiafini also makes a Deluxe Anti-Aging Eye Cream to go with this skincare set. You can purchase all three products at Fiafini.com!

Fiafini gets 4/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!
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