Sponsor Spotlight: Glow Bug Cloth Diaper {Review}

If you've read my blog lately, no doubt you've seen the reviews of my new favorite diapers: pockets! Glow Bug Diapers are a special breed of pocket cloth diapers...a category all of their own. What makes them so special? Let me show you!

We were given the the opportunity to try a Glow Bug cloth diaper the boy's Rocket print, isn't it freakin' adorable? To this day I still think they look like cute fish rather than rockets, but Jace and I are both Pisces so I may be a tad biased.  :)

The Glow Bug diaper eliminates the need for my least favorite part of pocket diapers...fishing out the dirty insert, yuck. This diaper features two pocket openings, both front and back, which allows the insert to agitate out by itself on it's own leaving you with clean hands! The insert has a snap-in option at the front of the diaper to keep it from moving around while being worn, which is helpful too.

Ease of Use:           - I have a love-hate relationship with the snaps on this diaper. I have such a wiggly little man and love that the dipe only has two snaps per wing, so it makes the catch-and-release a little easier. However, I miss the extra leg/thigh snap that some diapers have because they can keep the tail end of the wings from moving around and sticking out of the top of the diaper.

Fit:           - The Glow Bug is a one-size diaper that fits babies from 7-35 lbs. Jace is about 22 lbs right now, and it fits him perfectly on somewhat medium settings with plenty of room to grow into. It has four rise settings (we use the highest rise...Jace is a high pee-er) and several waist snaps and crossover snaps for smaller babies.

With one insert snapped in the Glow Bug has a nice trim fit on Jace...I love it! We've had no problems fitting jeans over it, which is a big plus. It's a little difficult to fit a second insert without bunching them up, but the extra absorption is definitely a plus during nighttime sessions and the fit isn't too fluffy.

Smallest snap settings
Largest snap settings
Leakage:           - I've gotta say that this has been our best leak-proof diaper yet! Several times I have put Jace to sleep at night with only a single insert in this one (oops) and have awoke to a non-leaky baby butt, success! We've had no blowouts at all and the extra inner leg gussets keep just about every mess contained in the center of the diaper. Jace has skinnier legs than many babies, so I was worried that there might be a little leg-gappage which would cause leaks. Not so!

Washing & Drying:           - Washing this diaper is so easy! When soiled, just unsnap the insert and toss in the washer with your other diapers and let the washer's agitation bring the insert out of one of the two pocket openings. The PUL-lined print shell stays color-true and mostly pill-free after many hot washes (we've been using it for weeks now, washing every other day or so) and being hung-dry. The inserts wash like usual with your other diaper laundry, we dry ours in the dryer on high heat because I like the extra fluffyness they get this way compared to hang-drying. The diaper shell dries pretty fast, but the extra leg gussets and SlimDry (ironically) inner lining take a little bit longer than my other diapers.

Cutness-factor:           - How could I not give this one 5 stars?! Rockets/fish (whatever your preference) in black and blue are 100% our style, and so are many of the other diaper designs in the boys package. Glow Bug offers a 12-diaper package in your choice of boys prints, girls prints, or gender neutral Spectrum solid colors.

Overall Rating:      Great diaper for a great price!

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You can purchase Glow Bug diapers from their website in packages of 12 with 24 inserts and a free wetbag for just $150!

Glow Bug has generously agreed to provide a pocket diaper (choice of girl, boy, or gender neutral) to the winner of the upcoming Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Event taking place May 1-12. Be sure to check back and enter to win our huge prize pack!