Sponsor Spotlight: Green Gold + eco-books by Melvia Miller {Review}

Been wanting to "greenify" your life, but lack the motivation?  Looking to start a business, but can't find the right ideas or resources? How about a fun, educational coloring and activity book for your elementary-aged kids? If you're looking for fun, insightful, basic life advice, author Melvia Miller has quite a few books for you.

About Melvia:
Having worked for major corporations, schools, colleges, and community services agencies, she developed methodology that creates more effective teaching & training experiences. With an excellent background in teaching, training, writing, publishing, and management, she offers stories and fables that delight the heart and enlighten our minds... help increase the peace! 
Melvia Miller, author of several books about economy, eco-issues, and ways to improve them, has partnered up with Serial Access Mom to bring you a few of her titles!

Green Gold 
Green Gold covers a wide area of life problems and, in simple easy to understand terms, offers solutions for a better way of living. Everything from making more money to being prepared for an emergency is included. The information is displayed using lots of visuals and illustrations, which I like! Some key topics touched upon:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Why it's important to go green
  • New small business advice (neat info if you're considering starting a home business, especially direct sales)
  • Information and resources on how to get your name out there (websites, sources to reach out to)
  • Business plan and proposal ideas
  • Info on how to put together a weather disaster survival kit (not quite sure how this one fits in with this book...but cool, nonetheless.)
The book is simple and has basic ideas, so if you're looking for in depth resources you might want to do some research on your own first. I found it entertaining and fun to read, albeit a challenge. The topics are not grouped together optimally or clearly, and I had a bit of a hard time with the flow of the book. I'm a bit of an oddball and like everything to be kept in a neat order, though. If you're a visual learner and don't require strict structure of topics, this read is a perfect match!  

Jump Start Your Mind: Workbook for Creating a Brighter Future
Jump Start Your Mind is a tune-up for your mind. It provides some insightful pictures and ideas about being proactive in your life choices, be it going green or conserving your health. Like Green Gold, the book is spread out and worded a little awkwardly, though is still an entertaining read. It includes several exercises to expand your way of thinking and widen your mental horizons. There is a heavy emphasis on African-American leaders and their contributions to America, which is one of Melvia's areas of educational expertise. 

Do and Learn Eco-Fun-Book
Do and Learn Eco-Fun-Book is an adorable activity and coloring book for young school-age children (the book recommends ages 8-15, though I think it'd be great for younger children too) which helps teach about healthy foods, nature, and cultural diversity. Like Jump Start Your Mind, it has quite a few references and coloring pages geared towards African-American influences, which is a great learning tool.

The book contains fun activities for kids such as:

  • Coloring pages for topics like healthy foods, recycling, and African American leaders.
  • Connect the dots to discover fun animals to color
  • Mazes to help learn the alphabet
  • Word searches, and other fun goodies!
Having a young child makes me appreciate any chance I have to help my little one learn while having fun, which is just what this book is made for. (Not only that, but it keeps him busy for a while!) Jace is just starting to learn to hold a crayon and draw lines, so he hasn't quite reached the dexterity level for this one yet. I'll be sure to bring it out in a few years and let him go to town coloring!

You can browse and purchase Melvia's books on Amazon and by contacting:

P.O. Box31043
Las Vegas, NV 89173-1043

If contacted directly, they have a $33 deal for three books and a free catalog.`