Sponsor Spotlight: Sew Is Your Baby Pocket Diaper {Review}

So, it begins: My journey into cloth-diapering. I've always wanted to with Jace, but thought it a bit unrealistic since we live in a rental unit with no washer/dryer hookups and are located 10 minutes outside of the nearest laundromat. Regardless, with Jace at approx. 12 months old and me getting tired of throwing away money with disposables I decided to jump in head first and give them a try. My first diaper: Sew Is Your Baby!

Sew Is Your Baby was founded by Michelle, a WAHM, when she started to cloth diaper her little girl Parker. She offers a large selection of pocket diapers in vibrant solids and adorable prints, and goodness knows I've already fallen in love with super-cute fluff!

Our very first diaper was the Blue and White Checkered Minky Pocket Diaper from Sew Is Your Baby, and we love it! 

This is a one-size  pocket diaper that fits babies from about 8-35 lbs (from birth-ish to potty training.)

When I first began researching types of cloth diapers I was overwhelmed by all the different types out there! Pocket, AIO, AI2, different sizes, prefolds...I think my head was exploding. I decided to give pocket dipes a try first, as they seemed easiest to use and learn with, and I love them!

The pocket opening at the back of my Sew Is Your Baby diaper is nice and wide, with plenty of room for my entire hand to feed the insert in.

Each Sew Is Your Baby diaper comes with one 3-layer microfiber insert with the option to add more if needed. I've found that one insert works great with no pee leaks during the day, two for overnights just in case. Jace isn't a very heavy wetter, so most nights his inserts aren't soaked much at all (I just always err on the side of caution.)

I love these leg gussets! So soft against baby's skin, no scratchy materials or seams. The diaper is made from plush, minky fabric with a hidden layer of waterproof PUL sandwiched in between the minky and the suedecloth inner lining to wick moisture away from soft baby bottoms.

(On the smallest snap settings)

(On the largest snap settings)
Our 13 month old (22 lbs) easily fits in the middle settings for this diaper, so I know he's got plenty of room to grow! I'm counting on this one lasting us through potty training. With such a wiggly little guy, and this being our first run with using cloth diapers, I wasn't able to nab a photo with the diaper in-use, but be assured that it fits perfectly! The legs fit snug without being too tight (no red marks) and we haven't experienced any blowouts whatsoever...even with the introduction of lots of fruit juice in Jace's diet. (yikes!)

The only thing I'd like to see different is the addition of a PUL material fold-over at the top. With a boy, the front of the diaper fills up pretty quickly and the front of Jace's shirt has a tendency to get a little wet from pee-spillage on a full diaper. I've noticed that some diapers have a small flap of the print PUL fabric sewn onto the inside front of the diaper, which provides a little more protection from spills. I'd love it if this diaper had that feature.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Starfishes!

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Sew Is Your Baby has generously agreed to provide a diaper to the winner of the upcoming Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Event taking place May1-12. Be sure to check back and enter to win our huge prize pack!