Sponsor Spotlight: Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener {Review}

You might have seen my recent review of a Babee Greens prefold diaper, which was my first experience of the sort. I'd seen Snappi diaper fasteners before, but had no clue where to get one so I used diaper pins instead. Now that I've had the chance to use a Snappi, diaper pins will be a thing of the past in this household! 
When I first tried a prefold cloth diaper, I was pretty clueless as to how to fasten it. (Or if I even needed to) Here was my first attempt:

Not too bad, but putting pointy pins (even "safety" diaper pins) anywhere near a wiggly toddler can be terrifying. Thankfully the Snappi was invented, getting rid of the need for pins, yay! It reliably holds cloth diapers together without the risk of pokeage, which is a huge plus for us both. Snappi is available in size 1 for babies and size 2 for larger babies and toddlers.

(Not baby Jace)
The benefits of this fastener include: 
  • SAFER THAN PINS - no more pinpricks for baby or parent!!
  • RELIABLE - a snug fitting diaper to prevent those dreaded leaks
  • DURABLE - no snaps that can become brittle/rust, nor any velcro to catch all the lint in the wash!!  At least if your Snappi® fastener needs to be replaced, your expensive diaper is not wasted!!
  • ECONOMICAL – affordable fastener that works very well with the less expensive flat, prefold or contour cloth diapers
  • EASY to use – allows first time parents, grandparents and people with arthritic problems to cloth diaper with ease.   It is as easy as 1 – 2 - 3

We received two Snappi fasteners in size 2 for Toddlers in the mint and white colors. 

The Snappi is super easy to use: Just pre-stretch, hook left, hook right, and hook bottom. That's it! 

After undergoing a makeover in 2006, the Snappi now features an extra safety precaution to make sure that the little plastic gripping teeth don't cause any damage when not in use. There's a thin strip of the stretchy Snappi material behind the teeth that can be pulled over the teeth as an extra safety precaution. (see below)

These little guys are made of  FDA approved raw 100% polyurethane and can be cleaned by washing in warm soapy water. A few things to note about the Snappi:

  • Always use a diaper cover when using a Snappi.
  • Keep out of children's reach (with the safety precaution on) when not in use.
  • Don't use a Snappi on a toddler that can take off his/her own diaper cover/diaper.
  • Don't use any Snappi for longer than 6 months.
  • Don't leave your Snappi in direct sunlight. (The UV rays can damage them and decrease effectiveness)

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Snappi has generously agreed to provide a Snappi Diaper Fastener in size 1 to the winner of the upcoming Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Event taking place May 1-12. Be sure to check back and enter to win our huge prize pack!