Sponsor Spotlight: TriLight Health Blue Green Minerals {Review}

I'm a vitamin/mineral girl at heart, they do a body good! TriLight Health has been providing it's customers with high-quality natural liquid mineral supplements for over 20 years, and they've formulated a sugar and alcohol-free concoction for just about any ailment using the Liquid Light Process!

What is the Liquid Light Process?
1. One of the first steps in this painstaking process is the 14 day minimum cold stage. In this stage, we utilize light, which not only “marries” the herbs, but also purifies with UV rays without extreme or artificial heat. This slow, yet important stage allows for the preservation of the essential natural enzymes which are extremely beneficial, aiding assimilation and giving added potency to the formulas. In fact, according to enzyme researchers, enzymes are involved in all chemical reactions that occur within the body. Vitamins, minerals and hormones are unable to even work within the body without enzymes. Unlike the one step, high heat methods of most herbal extracts, our cold stage 
ensures that we preserve nature’s enzyme “labor force” for optimum nutritional value.
2. In the second stage, the herbs that remain after the cold extract has been set aside, are further processed using extremely low heat, low pressure to capture intact, within the glycerine, the natural volatile oils, vitamins and minerals. 
3. In the third stage, we use a custom-built, stainless-steel press to cold-press even more nutrients with 6 tons of pressure. Cold pressing is the method used to yield a product of superior nutritional quality, creating the least amount of oxidation with the best extraction. Though labor intensive, the entire Liquid Light process has been created to reduce oxidation, preserve enzymes and amino acids, and to keep intact a full nutritional profile. Added to reverse osmosis water, they become instant Liquid Colloidals, which again dramatically increases the body assimilation rate up to 98%!
I had the pleasure of trying Trilight Health's Blue Green Minerals dietary supplement for a few weeks.

I have two words and two words only to describe the effects of this product: frickin' amazing.  But first, here's a little bit about Blue Green Minerals:
Blue Green Minerals with Calcite Super & Magnesium is our most potent mineral formulas. Based on the Original Herbal Mineral formula, Blue Green Minerals was once called "Liquid Calcium" by a midwife who recommended it during pregnancy for calcium supplementation. To this mineral-rich, highly bioavailable base of natural calcium and trace minerals, we have added ActiVinTM antioxidants and a boost in mineral content, vitamin C, Omega-3 oil, available protein, B-12 vitamins, essential amino acids and chlorophyll. Standardized Calcite SuperTM, a revolutionary new type of calcium created in Japan with a patented process for enhanced absorption, is the key component of the calcium level in this formula. Understanding the body's need for Magnesium in Calcium absorption, we have intentionally added a Citrate form of Standardized Magnesium, which is also the most bioavailable and easily digestible form of magnesium on the market.
Not only does this formula have large amounts of beneficial calcium and magnesium, but it contains many trace minerals known to benefit general health and well being.

I was very skeptical before trying Blue Green Minerals for the first time because of the sight and smell. The liquid looks brown and herbal, and doesn't smell like after-dinner dessert at all. My impression was quickly turned around after taking my first dose: it actually tastes great! The serving size is 1/4 teaspoon per 25 lbs of body weight, so sad to say I have to take two teaspoons. The taste is pleasant and sweet, even without sugar, and goes down like a thin syrup, coating the throat. My first trial run yielded extra energy, almost immediately after taking my dose. No energy drink-crash later on, no jitters, just extra energy which felt great!

Another success story was today's morning dose. (you can take it twice a day) I've been feeling super congested and sinusy ever since coming to visit Southern California. I'm hoping that it's just allergies, but so far no medicines have had any effect on the symptoms. After taking my daily dose of Blue Green Minerals this morning, within a few hours my sinuses were completely clear and non-runny! Coincidence? possibly, but I'd like to think that Blue Green Minerals played an integral part in ridding me of my misery for a day.  :)

Blue Green Minerals gets a big fat 5/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

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