Sponsor Spotlight: Baby Babü Cloth Diaper {Review}

I love finding new and wonderful cloth diaper brands...I've officially become a fluff addict. I'm thrilled to be introducing you to a new company with come great pocket diapers and covers, Baby Babu!

 We received the My Honeybee patterned diaper from Baby Babu to try out, so excited! Baby Babu diapers are pocket diapers that come with one 3-layer microfiber insert with a snap-in option.


Ease of Use:           - Each diaper has two openings to stuff the microfiber inserts: a smaller opening in front and larger, elasticized opening in the rear. It's because of this nifty feature that the insert, once unsnapped, will agitate out on it's own in the washer. This definitely makes clean-up duty a lot easier, as you don't have to reach into a soiled diaper pocket to pull out a nasty insert, phew! 
Front opening, where insert may be snapped onto the diaper.

Rear opening with elastic, plenty of insert-stuffing room!

Inside of the front opening, where insert can be snapped on.
Fit:            The Baby Babu pocket diaper has three rise settings, which is one fewer than most of our current diapers. Regardless of this, the largest rise setting fits Jace wonderfully! I usually go with the highest setting anyway, since Jace has a tendency to pee "up."  Every wear of this diaper provides Jace with a great fit with no gaps or, conversely, red marks of tightness. Though it does not have crossover snaps, the smallest waist snap setting does seem like it will fit well on small/young babies. This diaper is estimated to fit babies between 8-35 lbs.

Largest snap settings.

Smallest setting:
No crossover snaps, but still gets nice and snug.

Two hip snaps and a leg snap = perfect fit!
Leakage:           - We haven't had a single leak or blowout yet, I'm thrilled! I was slightly worried that the diaper wouldn't comfortably and flatly hold a second insert, due to the double leg gussets, but that worry was unfounded. Two of the three-layer microfiber inserts fit perfectly, which means that any bamboo inserts will fit even more easily. Now that Jace is getting older we use two microfiber inserts during the day and at night, both of which we haven't had any leakage problems with.

Fits perfectly! No red marks or gaps, yay!
Washing & Drying:           - I wash and dry all of our diapers the same way, mostly because 98% of them are all PUL-based pocket diapers made with similar materials. I love that the insert agitates out of the dual pocket openings on it's own, making washing a tad easier. Baby Babu pockets wash well and come out with no ammonia stink or stains most of the time, and line drying in the sun gets out whatever the wash can't. Unfortunately, because the inner liner is a little more cotton-like and has the double gussets, it tends to take a little longer to line dry. Not a problem, though, if you do what we do and leave them overnight to dry.

Jace modeling the highest rise snap setting.
Still a couple more hip snap settings for room to grow.
Cutness-factor:           - I've totally had my eye on the bumblebee patterns for quite some time...I love them! Not only is this diaper super adorable, but can also be used to dress your little one up festively during Halloween season.  <3
We call it our Bumble Butt!

Overall Rating:      ★ - Great diaper for a great value! There are some seriously cute designs to check out. The only negative aspect I've found is that Baby Babu uses UPS shipping, which tends to be pricey. (I was quoted a price of over $10 for shipping of one diaper to California) Baby Babu also carries wetbags and a line of biodegradable bamboo disposable diapers.

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