Sponsor Spotlight: Perfect Bum Cloth Diaper {Review}

What's better than a cute cloth diaper? Before you say "nothing," consider a cloth diaper paired with a cute matching t-shirt for baby. Welcome the pure adorable genius of Cocalo's Perfect Bum!
The Perfect Bum™ reusable diaper system is the result of creative collaboration between COCALO Inc. and the inventor Fredrica Coates. Fredrica's passion, dedication to creating the best product for baby, and over thirty years of experience in the reusable diaper business is complemented by COCALO's sense of style, innovative vision and commitment to excellence. A perfect combination of fashion and functionality supported by years of research, testing and improvement has created the Perfect Bum™. The Perfect Bum™ reusable diaper system has four (4) unique patented features: Anchored-pocket, Hinged Closure on Tabs, Soft Edge Fastening Tabs, and the Tri-Fold Insert.
Cocalo's Perfect Bum is an innovative diapering system that combines the convenience of disposable diapers with the benefits of cloth diapering, giving you many options for you and your little ones to explore. Perfect Bum products include:

  • Reusable cloth diaper shells
  • Absorbent cloth tri-fold inserts 
  • Microfiber booster pads to fold inside tri-fold inserts
  • Non-plastic disposable, compostable inserts
  • Super-adorable matching t-shirts
We received the Saving the Planet Perfect Bum Fashion Set and a box of 6 reusable cloth booster pads to test drive!

The fashion sets come in three sizes: Small (6-13 lbs), Medium (12-20 lbs), and Large (20-30 lbs).  Since Jace weighs about 22 lbs right now, we went with the Large sized fashion set.

Ease of Use:           - The most unique feature of Perfect Bum is also what makes it so easy to use: it's anchored pocket.  

Perfect Bum diapers aren't your usual prefold-and-cover dipes. Each diaper has a waterproof pocket with elastic edges that holds inserts and boosters and is anchored to the shell at the front and back corners. I LOVE this! Because the pocket itself is waterproof, it keeps most all liquid inside of one area, away from leg openings, and allows it to be absorbed evenly throughout the insert. This lets me go a little longer in between diaper changes and saves me from having to wash tons of dirty pocket diapers, yay! Also, the pocket with an insert and booster in it fits Jace's private bits perfectly, curving naturally and making diaper changes easier on the both of us. (He's usually not a fan of changes at all.) And as always, aplix hook-and-loop closures are great for quick changes, too.

Fit:           - Perfect fit, every time! Since these diapers are sized, we don't have to really worry about the leg openings being too tight or gaps. The soft elastic around the legs and back of the diaper are snug and gentle and never leave red marks on baby's skin. Like I said earlier, the waterproof pocket fits Jace perfectly and makes diaper changes easier, thank goodness. In the pictures below, Jace is showcasing his Large diaper with one tri-fold insert and one microfiber booster pad.

I should also mention that the t-shirt fits Jace just fight now at 22 lbs with a little room to grow, and we love it!

Leakage:           - With Jace now officially being a "heavy wetter," we've been having to double-stuff just about all of our diapers, even during daytime hours. For normal use with our Perfect Bum, we use one tri-fold insert with a booster pad wrapped inside and haven't had a pee leak yet! This diaper can hold some serious pee, even during naptime. The one leak issue we've had has been when Jace wasn't feeling too well and having stomach issues. He had a bit of an explosion and it ended up everywhere inside of the diaper. Not a smidge of the mess made it's way outside of the diaper, which amazed me! So in this one instance, we did not get to reuse the shell and just tossed it straight in the wash after rinsing the solids off.

Washing & Drying:           - The elastic on the inside pocket has a tendency to hold onto stains, even when rinsed in cold and washed in hot. This doesn't affect the diaper at all, really, as no one sees this but me. Washing goes as usual with our Perfect Bum: cold wash without detergent, hot wash with detergent, and an extra rinse cycle. The aplix closure has a hinged tab to make it easier to fold (and stay) over to avoid clinging to and ruining other cloth bits. It dries super-fast due to the fact that there isn't a pocket-layer, just a shell.

Cutness-factor:           This is absolutely our favorite diaper to wear out! Everyone loves the Earth diaper-shirt combo, and there are several other designs that we'd love to own. The only downside is that diaper designs are exclusive to their sets. (ie- Starter Kit diaper designs are only available in Small. I wish I could get them in Large!)

Overall Rating:       Adorable, convenient, and fashionable! A great diaper for beginners and seasoned cloth diaperers alike. It doesn't hold up as well against watery-toddler poop, we've found, but great for everyday wetness.

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Perfect Bum's Fashion Sets retail for just $29.99, with individual diaper covers available for $16.99.