Gigantic Microbe ~ Red Blood Cell {Review + Giveaway}

Ever since finding my first Giant Microbes plush toy in a huge toy shop in Las Vegas, I've been hooked. Maybe it's their cuteness, their oddity, or my oddity. Whatever it is, I find these little guys irresistible. These are a few microscopic organisms you won't mind keeping around the house!

Founded in 2002, our mission here at Giantmicrobes Inc. is to produce unique and interesting gifts for children and adults alike.Whether your interest is educational, medical, or just plain old entertainment, we're your number one source for all things microbial!

Giant Microbes are multi-magnified, adorably stuffed versions of germs, bacteria, viruses, and all-around tiny things that we aren't normally able to see up close.  Most regular-sized plush microbes are between 5-7", though larger Gigantic microbes are offered for some in 15-20" plush. We received the Red Blood Cell Gigantic Microbe to review:

I should preface this by letting you know that the original, smaller sized red blood cell was my first Giant Microbe ever. I fell in love with his beady little eyes and donut shape at first sight and quickly snatched him up from previously-mentioned unnamed Las Vegas toy store. He was a casualty of a break-up back in the day, though, and I haven't seen him since. Hence why I am so excited to be the proud owner of his big brother Gigantic red blood cell today! 

So...what makes these stuffed animals so special, hmm? Besides the obvious cuteness and super-soft fuzziness, these plushies make wonderful educational tools for young and old alike. Each microbe comes with an attached hangtag with informative information about your microbe! One side has a magnified photo of the actual microbe in action:

While the reverse side provides information/facts about the organism you're holding! For instance, did you know that it takes about a week to make a single red blood cell? And there can be upwards of 10 TRILLION red blood cells found in a normal human being!

Giant Microbes are a fun hands-on way for kids to learn about everything from cells in their bodies to deadly diseases and how to avoid them. Giant Microbes are crafted from high quality materials and are very well made. Jace loves our giant red blood cell.  (He also makes an excellent pillow!)

We give Gigantic Microbes 5 out of 5 stars! Not too big, not too small, totally cuddly, and ultimately informative!

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In addition to the Giant and Gigantic sizes, petri dishes of three smaller microbes, vinyl dolls, and special box sets are also offered for select microbes. Check out a few of my favorites!

 (Brain cell, e.coli, and flesh eating bacteria!)

Buy it! Purchase you own Giant Microbes plush online at this website. Prices range from $8.95-$29.95, depending on size and type ordered.

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