Viviscal Hair Nutrient: 3 Months Later

Exactly 3 months ago, 24 other bloggers and I started on our Viviscal journey with one goal: healthier, thicker, longer hair and nails. So how did this power-packing pill stack up?

First, for those who don't know, Viviscal is an all-natural, 100% drug-free combo of Vitamin C, a deep sea marine complex, acerola cherry, and horsetail extract designed to nourish and promote growth for damaged and thinning hair. Many blogging mamas had high hopes for our three month trial, this one included!

After taking the recommended dose of two pills, twice daily for three months I can report that my hair is...strong and shiny! I've always had thick hair, so I'm not shocked that my hair didn't get even thicker (thank goodness.) I did mention months ago that I was considering taking my hair in the direction of natural dreadlocks, and guess what? I did! Woohoo!

My "after" pic: taken today! 6/24/2012

The strength it takes to keep dreadlocks from falling out is crazy! I've definitely noticed a decrease in hair breakage, as there are far fewer little wispy hairs around my hairline then there were before I started taking Viviscal. Another point to note: the top photo of the back of my hair shows the darker red color from the last time I dyed my hair (a month or so before Viviscal started.) Take a look at the two front photos... at all that new, orangey-red growth! I've noticed, too, that my hair reflects light a little more (shiny!) has a bit more volume...possibly because of healthier hair follicles, is my thought. 

As for my nails, I'm sad to report that I haven't noticed a big difference in their growth or appearance. Growing up I was a constant nail biter. One day in high school I just stopped, and ever since I've been blessed with super-hard nails when I choose to let them grown in. With Viviscal, they grew just about as fast and beautiful as without, so no great report from this momma nail-wise.   

Overall, I'm glad to have been given the chance to review a great natural hair product! Viviscal recommends giving their product at least 6 months to start working to it's full potential, so who knows, I might have seen even better results down the line! 

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