Chase Away the Sun Rear Seat Sunshade {Review}

Chase Away the Sun is a revolutionary new mom-created product to help protect your little ones from the sun's your car!

Have you ever been driving with a small child in the backseat facing directly into the sun? There's not a whole lot you can do about it usually...either endure your kid's cries until either the sun goes down/up or your car moves, or try in vain to ghetto-rig some shading device out of blankets or sweaters.

After many uncomfortable commutes with her son Chase in tow, mom Kelli decided to create a product to remedy the problem. And thus Chase Away the Sun was born!

Chase Away the Sun consists of two elastic bands to go around the front seat headrests and a soft cotton print panel which attaches via Velcro strips.

We received the Robot print in a size medium to try on my older model Mustang:

So cute!
Installation is easy. Just stretch the headrest elastics over each respective headrest, making sure to face the fuzzy Velcro tabs towards the backseat.

 Next affix the grabby Velcro tabs on the cotton panel's top to the Velcro on the elastic headrest straps. Make sure that the colorful print faces back toward your little one to give them something neat to look at!

Connect both sides of the fabric to their respective headrests:

Photo from the passenger's vantage point
 And voila! Sorry for the crappy photo below...our rear windshield is really dusty!

Picture taken through our dirty rear windshield for a child's eye view.
Once the setup is properly installed you should still be able to see your entire rear windshield through your rear view mirror, as the top of the Chase Away the Sun will be just under your line of vision. Safe for driver, more comfortable for kids, a win all around!

Chase Away the Sun is easily machine-washable

The only downside I've encountered is that, when windy, the bottom unanchored portion of the fabric flaps around quite a bit. Not only is this slightly distracting to the driver, but also negates the benefits for the kiddo as it doesn't block any sun when not in a vertical position. Lesson: Roll the windows up and enjoy your air conditioner when driving fast!

Also, the taller your vehicle is, the more use you'll get out of this product. Our 'Stang is pretty low and squat, so ours comes in handy when we're driving to town (West) at dusk. The taller your vehicle/windshield is, the more sun comes into your car and more sun protection your little one will need.

You can buy your own Chase Away the Sun online for only $14.95! They come in small, medium, or large in a variety of prints.

Do you own a retail store that Chase Away the Sun would be perfect for? Contact them here!

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