Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit {Review}

Keep lunch fresh with Rubbermaid's newest invention: LunchBlox containers!

Usually when I send lunch with Hubs to work I just use one of those generic one-compartment microwavable containers. Everything goes into that one compartment...entree, sides, snacks, sauces, etc. and it all ends up mashed together by lunchtime. Bleh. I'm so excited to tell you about Rubbermaid's newest containers: LunchBlox!

I received the sandwich LunchBlox container to try out, which works perfect for us! Rarely do I actually send a sandwich with Hubs for lunch, but the best part is that the largest container it comes with can hold many things, not just sandwiches!

The LunchBlox sandwich kit comes with a sandwich-sized container and lid, a smaller side dish container and lid, and two smaller "snack" containers with lids. All these separate containers click and stack together, saving loads of space at home and on the go! It also includes a specially designed Blue Ice freezer pack that fits right in the middle of the lunch stack which keeps all of them cool when you're away from home.

I love that the large container is roomy enough to fit other entrees as well as sandwiches. It's not quite as wide as I'd like, as we sometimes get specialty bread that is larger than most typical sandwich breads. Though when Jace starts going to school in a few years, this will be the PERFECT fit for a sandwich with the crusts cut off!  :)

Here's a standard lemon inside of the largest container for size comparison.
Following a diet and need to know exactly how much you're eating?  I'm also thrilled to report that each container, yes even the little ones, have measurements on the side! The largest holds up to 1 1/2 cups (also listed in ml) and the smallest can hold up to 3oz. Perfect for a few cookies, salad dressing, or dipping sauce!

We're so glad to have the sandwich LunchBlox in our home collection! Now we'll be working on picking up the other members of the LunchBlox family, which include salad and entree container kits.

And the best part? You don't need a special lunch box to fit it! Although Rubbermaid does sell special LunchBlox insulated lunch boxes, any insulated cooler will do. Here's ours fitting nicely into the bottom of our small SnapSac lunch tote.

Our family gives this product 5/5 stars! You can purchase you own LunchBlox Sandwich Kit on Rubbermaid's website, or at participating retailers nationwide.