The Butterfly Bakery Gluten-free Baked Goods {Review}

The Butterfly Bakery all started with the desire to make tasty sugar-free deserts, yum! In 1998 Brenda, TBB's creator, searched for delicious sugar-free desserts that her diabetic mother, who was also an exquisite baker and harsh critic, could enjoy. Then one day, success! Today, TBB makes over 75 different varieties of pastries, including sugar-free, gluten-free, and whole grain items.

The Butterfly Bakery graciously sent me a pair of their gluten-free goodies to try out: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Banana Walnut Mini Muffins.

No, those aren't invisible cookies. The chocolate chip cookies were SO delicious that my family (including me) couldn't keep our their hands off of them! 

Here's a picture of what they originally looked like:

By far my favorite of the two confections, the chocolate chip cookies have a melt in your mouth consistency. They remind me of the divinity cookies I used to get when I was a wee one at the grocery store, which is one of my favorite childhood memories. Every grocery store trip (usually twice a month) I'd go over to the cookie counter and ask for a cookie sample, to which the workers were always happy to oblige! The divinity cookies were my favorite because they literally melted the instant they hit your tongue...yum! These TBB cookies have almost the same exact consistency, which is what made them irresistible!

I love the fact that I can actually understand and pronounce all of the simple ingredients on TBB's products. For example, here's the ingredient list for the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies: AMARANTH FLOUR, TEFF FLOUR, SUGAR, BROWN SUGAR, WATER, BUTTER, SOYBEAN OIL, CHOCOLATE CHIPS, WHOLE EGGS, BAKING SODA, SALT, NATURAL FLAVOR.  So simple, yet fabulous!

The gluten-free banana walnut mini muffins were pretty tasty, too! Super flavorful and an absolute steal at only 80 calories per pair. I did notice that they were not quite as moist as I would have liked, but the flavor more than made up for it.

The Butterfly Bakery has something for everyone, even if you don't have any dietary restrictions. We'll definitely be ordering more chocolate chip cookies in the near future!

You can purchase The Butterfly Bakery goods at a retailer near you, online directly, or on in bulk.