A Visit to the Corn Maze {Photos}

This year I promised myself (and Jace) that I'd visit our local corn maze, which I've seen in past years but never made the time to go! This weekend was Thunder Road Farm's last few days in operation for the 2012 year, and was also Trick or Treat in the maze weekend! We woke Daddy up early (he works nights) to go visit, here are a few pictures:

With the sunlight overhead fading fast, we decided to hit up the corn maze first. Call me a scaredy cat, but I don't consider walking into a corn maze at twilight a great idea. Even without a "passport" to help guide us, we made it through the maze in about 30-45 minutes. Jace led the way mostly, and he had such a fun time running through the corn pathways and picking up random fallen ears of corn!

Just outside of the maze entrance/exit was a big boat-shaped playground/swing set that the munchkin immediately ran to, complete with a big slide, rock wall, and fireman's pole to slide down!

Jumping Pillow, that's us front and center!
The highlight of our trip, I daresay, was the Jumping Pillow! The jumping pillow was a new addition to the farm this year. It's pretty much a giant basketball court-sized vinyl pillow (think a moon bounce, without the sides or roof) where anyone of any age can jump freely. SO MUCH FUN! There were so many other jumpers (mostly rowdy teenagers) that Jace and I just had to sit down to enjoy the bouncy-goodness without injury. I wish they'd had these around when I had my 18th birthday party back in the day, this would have been so much better than a moon bounce!

Next Jace and Daddy took a ride on the "cow train." The cow train is made from a bunch of metal barrels made into cows, pulled by a 4-wheeler. Not too comfy or roomy, but it looks like they had a good time winding around the front of the maze. Last but not least we found the corn box, which is a sandbox with dried corn kernels instead of sand. They had toy tractors and CAT vehicles and buckets inside, it was a nice way to wind down the day and let Jace play in a contained area.

We had so much fun and can't wait to go again next year! If you're planning a vacation to Maine during Fall leaf-peeping season, definitely be sure to set aside a day to visit Thunder Road Farm's annual corn maze.So much for the kiddos to do, and plenty for adults too!


PS- I received no compensation for this post, just my own opinions!