Goose Creek Candle Co. ~ American Heirloom Jar Candle {Holiday Gift Guide)

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons of the year, no doubt about it. I love the leaves falling, the cooler, crisp air, the snow flurries, and the scent of baked goods filling the house. My only wish (besides wishing that these things came without storms, snow-ins, and a greater chance of car accidents) is that I might be able to keep the joy and warm feelings that these seasons bring with them all year 'round. 

The human sense of smell is a powerful thing. It can trigger distant memories and bring back powerful emotions related to those memories, which is why I (and so many others) keep scented candles going almost constantly! Goose Creek Candle Co. provides one of the best quality candles I've come across in my travels, the American Heirloom scented jar candle.

American Heirloom candles are a flashback to past times. Each is contained in an early 1900's Victorian style multi-sided glass jar, topped with a polished silver lid embossed with a Goose Creek tree design. I'm absolutely over the moon with the jar shape, it's beveled in such a way that it reflects the light of the flame off each and every corner. (Especially the further the candle burns down.) 

These photos represent the 22 oz Whipped Pumpkin Latte American Heirloom candle, which has two wicks for an even wax burn. I've found that the double wicks really do a great job of leaving the jar sides free of  random wax chunks, as well as provide double the beauty of the flame. While the flames are strong and consistent, they're not smoky or sooty, which is important. All that soot from other candles has to go somewhere, and it usually ends up in your lungs! This cleaner-burning candle can burn for upwards of 125 hours, making it outlast most other candles I have owned.

The scent Whipped Pumpkin Latte is heavenly! It's a sweet combination of creamy maple, vanilla spice, warm milk, cinnamon stick, and white pumpkin spice. It truly is the prefect treat to fill your home on a blustery winter day, awakening your senses and having you dreaming of the holidays to come. 

If pumpkin isn't your scent of choice, no worries! American Heirloom candles come in 29 scents and 3 different sizes each. Some of the fragrances that catch my eye are Orange Berry Slush, Blueberry Passion, and Patchouli (yeah, I'm a hippie.) Here are a couple others for the holidays:

Balsam Fir   &   Vanilla Wonderland

Goose Creek Candle Co. also carries many other scented jar candles, pillar candles, warmers and more. 

I kid you not when I say that this one candle fills my entire house with fragrance when burned. Every room. It's frustrating to have to deal with several candles going in different rooms all at once, only to have conflicting scents confuse your nose. With the American Heirloom candle, one candle really does do it all. I am definitely impressed!

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