Clear Rayz Light Therapy {Holiday Gift Guide}

  All throughout high school I suffered from pretty terrible acne. It might not have been so bad if I didn't have the really bad habit of picking and scratching at anything under the skin. (Seriously, I even have/had trouble with that stupid TB bubble immunization.) I ended up poking at just about every breakout I had, leading to pock-marked and somewhat scarred skin on my face, which sucks majorly. To this day I still have the occasional breakout, mostly around "that time of the month." Creams, lotions, and potions have had little to no effect on my breakouts, and I end up just weathering them out. Until now!

  Well, I should clarify. It's not so much that I'm fighting breakouts now, because I don't have any anymore thanks to Clear Rayz

  Clear Rayz is a device that emits natural bright red and blue LED lights to help clear your skin and keep it clear. does it work? Check out the video below for a brief description:

"Research has shown that blue light at 415 nanometers activates chemical changes in the bacteria which destroy it. Red light at 633 nanometers penetrates the skin to combat the inflammation and heal the breakout."  

  Basically, the blue light kills bacteria on your skin, which is the leading cause of breakouts. The red light increases bloodflow to your skin, which soothes inflammation and redness.

I warn you, DON'T LOOK INTO THE LIGHT! It's really bright!
  I haven't had a big breakout in a while, but this morning woke up to a few small red spots on my cheek, right in the middle. Bleh. The photos below show the difference after only ONE use! Before on the left, after on the right. 

  Quite noticeably different, in my opinion! Not only does my skin look better, but it actually feels better. More even textured and fresh, as opposed to the taught, dry feeling I get after most medicated acne topical treatments. I feel more polished and ready for the day!

Alcohol-wipey goodness.
  Another plus: There's no mess! No gloppy creams to rub in or wash off. No bottles to clutter your bathroom shelves. The only cleanup required is an alcohol wipe or clean cloth. I use those little pre-packed alcohol wipes and just do a once-over on the whole thing to clean any skin contaminants off. 

  And best of all, it only takes 12 minutes a day to cover your entire face. Twelve minutes of peace and quiet away from the kiddos, I'm in bliss. It's actually quite relaxing. You can use Clear Rayz on any part of the body that has acne, also, for 3 minutes a day per area. Easy-peasy!  While Clear Rayz rings in at about $249, it's still a great deal compared to all the acne creams and washes I've bought over the years. I strongly recommend purchasing one for your preteen or teenager for the holidays, I truly wish I'd had one of these back then! 

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