Give your cans a boob job with Boobzie! {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

Meet the gals of Boobzie!

"Your drink never looked so good"

What is Boobzie? They're only the coolest chicks around... literally! 
  Boobzies' sole purpose is to keep your favorite beverage at it's perfect temperature, looking gorgeous is just a perk. Boobzie girls each come with their own back story and personality, making these ladies unique from any other can coozie!

  I received Jane (Team MILF) and the newest Boobzie girl Noelle (Santa's Helpers), and I'm hooked!

  As for specs, Boobzies are made of high-quality neoprene, a smidge of lycra, and PU gel in all the right places, making them insulate like nobody's business and give that "real" feel.  The Boobzie's, well... boobzies are so squishy and soft!  Seriously, I think I have a problem. As a self-respecting woman, I sit here at my computer and squeeze them whenever Jane is in eyesight. They're so fun to play with, I can't help it! 

  Honestly though, these are the most well-constructed, best-working coozies I've ever encountered. And, as you can see above, the Boobzie girls aren't just for cans! We don't drink too many aluminum canned beverages, but Jane fits nicely over a water bottle, soda bottle, beer bottle, and even those big Vitamin Water bottles.

  Boobzie announced their newest girl on Monday, Noelle. Just in time for the holidays, Noelle makes the perfect gift for any guy (or anyone with a sense of humor, really) who loves his brew! She's wearing an eye-catching red tank top, check her out:

Meet Noelle, the new girl!
Name: Noelle
Quote / personal mantra: Dear Santa…I've been naughty. And it was worth it.
An overview: Sugar, spice & everything extra nice naughty, this mischievous minx is in charge of Santa’s “other” list; she knows it might be better to be good but it’s certainly more fun to be bad. In the winter our Noelle can be found in the North Pole helping Santa and his elves keep up their holiday cheer. She’s even been known to shimmy down a chimney or two on the big day, bringing a pair of her very own prized presents to her favorite naughty boys.
Hobbies: Standing under mistletoe, practicing being surprised, strip caroling
Likes: Eggnog, jingle bells, kissing in the snow, kissing in front of a fire, kissing goodbye
Dislikes: stockings that don’t hold enough gifts, fake trees, bricked up chimneys
Education: Elfonomics with a minor in sledding
Favorite Color: Snow white…or holiday red (why should I choose just one?)
Favorite Food: Buche de Noel & Giant candy canes
Relationship Status: Looking for someone to keep my hearth warm

  One of Boobzie's most endearing aspects, to me, are all the little touches that accompany them. When you open the envelope to find your newly purchased Boobzie you'll also find a small note from Dr. Mr. ManCandy, who personally inspects and fondles them before shipping out. Also, their cleaning and handling instructions on the back of the shipping card:

  Pretty much everyone in our family loves our new Boobzies and appreciates their sense of humor. Mark has been seen roaming the house with Jane on his bottle. These puppies make GREAT stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays, and at just $8.95 a piece they fit nicely into most everyone's budget. Who knows, your friends might already have their own Boobzie photos over on the sightings page! So go ahead, give your cans a boob job! 

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