Guess What? Dear Diary, {Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway}

  Remember, back in the day, we used to play with Mad Libs and creative writing games of the such. I used to love those! Although they were fun, I don't think I'd consider them a learning experience. (Let's face it, they really didn't take too much thought.)  Guess What? Dear Diary, has taken the idea that kids like to write and create, and run with it! It's a young girl's best friend, in diary form. We may not have any pre-teen girls in our household, but I know exactly who I'll be gifting this little treasure to! 

Each diary comes with this adorable bobble-head pen, too!

Guess What? Dear Diary, was written by Cherrye S. Vasquez,  a public school administrator with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction, and illustrated by her 10 year old daughter Kelly.  I absolutely love that Cherrye and her daughter worked together on this as a team! Kelly's illustrations are very cute and fitting to the book's themes. 

The best part of the book, in my opinion, is that it contains many writing prompts that are completely relevant to a pre-teen lady's life! Cherrye comes up with a topic for everything, from people that are important to the writer to things that the writer shouldn't have done but did anyway. Each question prompting a negative response or memory is countered by twisting it into a positive, forward thought. Take the photo below for example:

Such positive messages for young girls to hear and read! Another of my favorites is "The most embarassing moment in my life happened when..." followed by "I overcame the most embarassing moment in my life by..." Love it!

Guess What? Dear Diary, makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the young lady in your life, be it your daughter, cousin, niece, or friend. Grab one and share the joys of reading and writing with the next generation. It's important!

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